The Legendary Man Chapter 687

Chapter 687 Design

Even an adult would struggle to handle parasites living in their body while bearing two blood curses, much less a child.

Due to Kathleen’s protection, the bewitching powder didn’t affect Killian. Therefore, he was completely aware of what was happening to him.

Blood kept dripping from his nose, though his pale countenance remained expressionless. He had experienced far too many tribulations as a seven-year-old.

At that moment, he knew his life was under the control of those three adults, and whether they wanted to save or kill him depended wholly on what benefits they might gain from either act.

Due to Stellario’s suggestion, Kathleen and Winston were holding back from doing anything. After all, they absolutely didn’t have the right to decide whether a tripartite alliance should be established. The only people who could make the decisions were their family heads back in Chanaea.

“All right, then. Since you two don’t oppose the idea, the three of us need to help each other out from now on to ensure no other families can get their hands on the boy.” Kathleen spoke while grinning at Killian kindly, as though she didn’t just put a blood curse on him. Meanwhile, Winston turned his attention in another direction.

“Something’s not right. The secret technique of bestialization is something only a handful of sects in Chanaea know how to perform. It’s a forbidden technique that only very skillful users can utilize, so why does it seem like everyone in Remdik can use it? Also, did you two notice an extremely weak spiritual sense sweeping past here earlier? I think something odd is going on.”

“You don’t say.” The parasites on Stellario’s palm fell onto the ground like corpses. “Since Remdik’s forces have found this ship, we aren’t safe here. We need to leave as soon as possible.”

“That’s right.” Kathleen pulled Killian’s hand, preparing to leave. “I believe Karl can most likely locate the tracking device in our possession. If we want to shake off the other families, we can’t travel on our planned route and must find our own way back to Chanaea instead.”

The other two agreed with her statement. However, just as they were about to leave, Kathleen stopped.

They turned around and saw Killian pulling her arm with all his might.

“It’s dangerous here, Killian.” Smiling at the boy, she continued, “Come with me. I’ll take you back to Chanaea to see your father.”

“I’m young, not dumb,” Killian spat.

His words startled the trio, especially when they saw the dagger in the boy’s right hand. A strange feeling surfaced in their hearts.

The boy continued, “All of you only want to use me to threaten my dad. If you don’t bring my mom along, I’ll find a way to kill myself, and all of you will fail to achieve your goal.”

Once again, the trio was shocked.

Among all the contrasting extremes, there were a few who were really terrifying in modern society, one of them was Killian who looked just as cute as a porcelain doll.

Even though he was seven years old, which many regarded as an age of innocence, he was speaking calmly while holding a dagger.

The three adults were God Realm cultivators, capable of manipulating the boy’s life with only a single thought. Thus, a threat like that was completely useless against them.

Yet, for some reason, when they met his eyes, they felt a chill run down their spines.

“I see that you’ve never been beaten before.” As Stellario spoke, he remotely controlled the parasites in Killian’s body.

Suddenly, the boy’s face reddened unnaturally.

In response, Killian lifted the dagger and stabbed it in his chest.

“Stop!” Kathleen uttered softly and used a small amount of spiritual energy to seal Killian’s movements.

As the trio stared at the dagger hanging in the air, they frowned. This dagger is real! He’s not kidding about taking his own life!

“You handle the woman. I’ll grab the boy.” Winston pointed at the unconscious Layla before throwing Killian’s dagger away.

Kathleen cooperatively used a technique to lift Layla’s body into the air before leaping outside.

Meanwhile, Killian’s line of sight remained affixed on his mother as he was grabbed by Winston.

The three cultivators could’ve never imagined the consequences they would incur fifteen years after their attempt at benefiting their families.

Killian was only seven years old at the moment.

In the future, he would almost destroy the world he came to hate due to his experiences as a boy.

In the middle of Redlington woods, four men were toasting each other in a white command car.

Aidan, Alexander, and Antoine were sitting leisurely at the side, facing a man with sideburns who was smoking a cigar.

“Thanks for helping us out of this tricky situation, Vicador.” Aiden grinned.

Concurrently, Vicador pressed his cigar into his glass of wine. “You should know that the tsar is very dissatisfied with this operation, Aidan. Snow Wolf Army, Glacier Army, and Arctic Army had arrived at Calvico. We’ve gathered millions of soldiers for you to start a war, not for you lot to meet him in private for a fight!”

“You must understand something, Vicador. It’s not that we don’t want to start the war, but the problem is Mr. Ivanov and Jonathan have a contract—”

“Bullsh*t!” Vicador slammed his hand on the table, causing a bottle of vodka to explode. “If you lot hadn’t privately promised to meet with Jonathan, we would be standing on Horbah right now!”

The atmosphere in the car promptly turned awkward.

In order to protect the three people who acted recklessly, Ivanov promised Jonathan that there wouldn’t be a war for 6 months. That directly undermined the deployment plan of Remdik’s army.

Antoine once again poured Vicador’s glass to the brim with alcohol. “Calm down, Vicador. There’s nothing we can do about the situation now. As for the tsar, I’ll let my great-grandfather handle him. Right now, we need to eliminate the Chanaean cultivators who had sneaked into Remdik.”

Upon emptying the glass, Vicador blurted, “You may have come from a renowned family, Mr. Antoine, but you should still do your job well in the army. Don’t cause any more trouble. The tsar’s wrath isn’t something Mr. Ivanov can handle.”

Antoine stared at the slightly drunk Vicador for a while before nodding. “I understand.”

In response, Vicador took a bite of a sausage, knowing there was nothing more to say when Antoine was acting like that.

“Relax. Charleigh’s troops have their eyes on them already. Once those Chanaean cultivators arrive at Redlington, they’ll be dead for sure.” As Vicador spoke, someone relayed a report in an urgent tone outside of the vehicle.

“General Vicador, Medev ran aground near Fort Kepesberg at Lerner River. Our men caught a few Chanaea soldiers, but everyone else is dead.”

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