The Legendary Man Chapter 685

Chapter 685 Fighting Over Them

“F*ck you all! How dare you pitch yourselves against me!” Stellario bellowed. With a gentle flick of his right hand, countless bugs gathered and swirled around it like a terrifying mini tornado.

Since he was almost wounded by the werewolves earlier, it was hardly surprising that Stellario was livid with rage.

Having grown up in a village, his talent for cultivation was so extraordinary that everyone regarded him as the best. No one in his village had ever dared defy his orders, so how could he stand being threatened and humiliated by anyone else?

By then, the other werewolves had also realized that Stellario wasn’t one to mess with and quickly headed below deck to where Killian was.

“Such arrogance!” Stellario scoffed as he peered at the group of them. The next second, however, a cold beam tore through the hull and nailed the fastest werewolf to the top of the stairs.

No matter how much the werewolf struggled, it was all in vain as the light went out of its eyes for the last time.

Stellario quickly turned around, only to see a wizened old man standing atop the cruise ship.

“Winston Leeson?” he muttered with a grim expression.

Soon, another figure dressed in a gown landed gracefully opposite Winston.

“Kathleen Henderson?” Stellario exclaimed as he looked her up and down. “Ha! It’s at least thirty degrees below zero now. Aren’t you cold in just that flimsy gown?”

Kathleen twirled the fan in her hand and chuckled.

“You must be joking, Stellario! As cultivators, we’ve long become impervious to heat and cold. Even if you’re feeling cold, the sight of me in this gown should warm you up nicely, shouldn’t it?”

“It sure is improper to dress like that,” Winston chimed in as he crossed his arms and sighed. “Why have women these days become so bold and unruly? This would never have happened back in my time.”

“Back in your time? Are you referring to the Victorian era?” Kathleen teased. “The ones we’re looking for are below deck. Let’s cut the small talk and get down to the important matters.”

By then, the spiritual senses of all three people had engulfed the ship.

Meanwhile, despite being taken aback by Winston’s billhook, the other werewolves had gone around their comrade’s corpse to continue their search for Killian and Layla.

Two and the rest of his team had holed up in the engine room, but given the speed of the werewolves, it wouldn’t take more than two minutes before they were flushed out and killed.

Even though Stellario, Winston, and Kathleen could see what was happening, none of them made any moves.

Instead, they were guarding against one another.

In a bid to obtain the full support of the Eastern Army, each respectable family had sent out their most powerful member. Of course, that also meant there would eventually be a battle among these representatives.

However, since they were all still in Remdik, they knew they had to be patient and keep themselves in line.

Even so, the war between the families had already started, and the person who could bring Killian and Layla back to safety would give their family a significant edge.

“Hey, Winston and Kathleen, I was the one who found these two first. Shouldn’t they be put in my care?”

“You’re such a joker, Stellario,” Kathleen uttered sensually. “Tell you what. Let’s not fight over this. I’ll give myself to you in exchange for the mother and son. So long as you help me get rid of Winston, you can do whatever you like to me.”

“Shameless vixen!” Winston scolded. “Back in my village, women like you would’ve been chopped up and fed to the fishes in the Goda River!”

“Come on, Winston. The Leeson family isn’t all that formidable. If Karl works with my family, I can represent the Hendersons and form a lifelong alliance with the Leesons. How does that sound?”

“D*mn… I think there’s something wrong with you, Kathleen,” Stellario scoffed. “It was only a few seconds ago when you said you wanted to work with me, yet you changed your tune in the blink of an eye.”

“Are you sure you want to trust a b*tch like this, Stellario? She’ll swallow you whole, mark my words.”

“Ah, f*ck this. We’re just wasting time here while Killian might die at any moment.”

With that, Stellario turned around and leaped onto the deck, his black bug armor gradually materializing again.

“Forget it, then. Whoever catches the mother and son first gets to keep them,” Kathleen said as she unleashed a hurricane from a gentle flick of her fan.

Winston dodged the hurricane’s range without batting an eyelid and swiftly landed on the deck.

Back in the cabin, the black bugs in Stellario’s hand swarmed the area, leaving a trail of bodies in his wake.

Meanwhile, the billhook that had nailed the werewolf to death on the stairs shook vigorously before flying back into Winston’s hand.

Even though there were almost a hundred Grandmaster werewolf cultivators, they were no match for the three Divine Realm cultivators.

The more commotion there was above the engine room, the more hopeless Two felt.

The Blood Squad was a team of cultivators that Karl had secretly trained.

Sabino might be the only Grandmaster among them, but the rest were all Superior Realm cultivators. Most importantly, they had never lost a mission.

After all, Blood Squad members had successfully combined the powers of modern technology with cultivation, and they feared no one.

This time around, however, Two was undeniably in a state of panic.

Oh, gosh. I can sense at least ten terrifying auras wandering above us. One of those werewolves almost killed Sabino and me, so how are we supposed to fend off ten of those? Even our weapons are useless. We’re doomed!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Loud banging noises continuously rang out as the steel hatch above them shook. Although it was at least ten centimeters thick, it didn’t seem like it could hold on much longer.

Crack! Crack! Crack!


The next second, the hatch door was violently ripped open from the outside.


Upon hearing Two’s orders, the remaining Blood Squad members aimed seven guns at the entrance and fired at will. Even as the ejected bullet shells burned their arms, no one batted an eyelid.

All they cared about at that moment was to fire non-stop and take down as many enemies as possible.

The entrance was merely a meter wide and barely enough for one werewolf to pass through.

As such, when the torrent of bullets was unleashed, the first werewolf to stick his head through the door was instantly reduced to a bloody pulp.

Despite that, the other werewolves showed no signs of stopping as they continued to shove their way through.


Following the howl, a werewolf jumped in front of Two and prepared to swipe its claw at his head.

Two hastily lifted his gun, but just as he was about to curse at the werewolf, a jet of blood sprayed onto his face.

Behind the werewolf, as it turned out, was the grim-faced Winston with his billhook.

“You’re a tough one, kid. You don’t back away even in the face of danger. That’s very admirable.”

Dazed and with his face all covered in blood, Two looked up at the hole in the engine room’s ceiling.

Surprisingly, Stellario and Kathleen had worked flawlessly together to forge a way forward in the upper cabin. Whether it was the werewolves or the Remdikians, anyone who came into their paths was instantly decimated.

Like what Stellario had said earlier, their mission was their top priority. They couldn’t care less about killing others to accomplish what they had come for.

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