The Legendary Man Chapter 684

Chapter 684 Tactics of The Mallory Family

After hearing Stellario’s words, Sabino felt the sharp pain in his right side melt away, only to be replaced with a numb, ticklish sensation.

The feeling quickly spread through his entire body, leaving him in such an intoxicated state that a dopey smile spread across his face.

When Stellario saw Sabino drooling, he couldn’t help but furrow his brows.

“What’s happening? Is the medicine’s effect too strong?”

Right then, the werewolf howled and leaped toward Stellario, its claws aimed straight at his head.


The steel cabin caved in from the impact, and right in the epicenter of it was the werewolf’s head. Calm and composed, Stellario stepped on the head as he scrutinized the black pill in his hand.

“Don’t bother me when I’m doing my research. Behave yourself.”

As the spiritual energy dissipated, the werewolf’s fur gradually fell off and floated away. Moments later, it was transformed back into its human form.

Meanwhile, several thumb-sized black bugs had begun burrowing out of the Remdik cultivator’s skin, devouring it as they did.

Two and the others hurried over, but they weren’t prepared for the scene that greeted them. Although they were some of the most seasoned fighters and had seen plenty of gruesome deaths, the sight of the bugs at work still sent chills down their spines. If they hadn’t managed to suppress their nausea, there was no doubt they’d all be puking their guts out by now.

“Quirrell!” Two shouted as he rushed forward and held Sabino in his arms.

Having been poisoned by the Lupine bug, the latter was awake but showed no signs of awareness.

Even when he saw Two approaching, he could only smile like a fool.

“Well, about that… He’s been poisoned. There’s a good chance he’d be in that state for a while,” Stellario said casually. “Anyway, those two behind you are Karl’s wife and kid, aren’t they?”

“Yes,” Two replied huffily. “Where are you from, Sir? Is it the Eastern Army or Asura’s Office?”

“Neither. I’m from the Mallory family. Karl Hamilton entrusted me to rescue his loved ones.”

Needless to say, Two was stunned. The Mallory family?

He promptly reached for the gun strapped to his leg, but before he could make another move, he felt like he had gotten trapped in a pool of cement.

The next second, the gun flew out of his hand and was entirely disassembled as Stellario watched on with a smile.

“Here’s what you need to know. My mission is to protect Karl’s wife and son. I can kill everyone else if I want to.”

With that, Stellario strode past Two and walked up to Killian and Layla.

“Hello, Killian. I’m here to take you home. Don’t be scared. With me around, no one can hurt you,” he reassured.

Just then, the two other werewolves howled and jumped from the bridge.

Boom! Boom!

After landing on the ship and crashing the deck, the werewolves sprinted toward Killian and Layla like two maniacs.

“Given your cultivation level, there’s no use even if a whole horde of you came at me. Are you guys out of your mind?” Stellario mused before flashing past the werewolves.

The werewolves were still in mid-air when their heads got severed and rolled to Killian’s feet. Then, as expected, they slowly returned to their human form.

Due to the effects of inertia, their headless bodies came to a sliding halt on the deck, leaving a gory trail of blood behind them.

Stellario stood still with a dagger in his hand as his eyes fell on the river’s eastern bank.

Hundreds of people could be seen sprinting toward the bridge and tearing off their clothes to transform into werewolves.

Stellario’s frown instantly deepened. I see… Cultivators in the Superior Realm are boosted into the Grandmaster Realm when they transform into werewolves. I can’t let my guard down, especially not with so many of these strange cultivators coming our way.

“Get everyone to hide below deck! Don’t come out no matter what!” he ordered.

At the same time, the ship had sailed under the bridge, and several figures were already jumping down onto it.


Upon hearing the cacophony of howls, Stellario activated his Grandmaster force field.


The three werewolves that had fallen into the force field froze almost immediately to no one’s surprise.

After all, Stellario was in the beginner phase of the God Realm, and his force field was incomparable to the likes of Sabino and the others.

As soon as the three werewolves were trapped in his force field, he killed them with a powerful strike to the back of their necks.

Alas, more and more werewolves landed on the ship and charged at Stellario.

Faced with a whole group of warriors with a kamikaze attitude, even Stellario had to admit it was more than he could handle.

One person’s spiritual energy was limited, and even though he could expand his force field to a twenty-meter radius, it wouldn’t deal any physical damage.

I can activate the force field suppression effect, but even that can only restrain five people at one go… But more than ten werewolves are surrounding me now!

In a matter of seconds, Stellario found himself drowning in a sea of werewolves.

He quickly broke free with the help of a spirit shield and jumped toward the stern of the ship.

“Which sect are you guys from? Why the hell are you all skilled in bestialization? This is so unorthodox!”

Seeing that Stellario was trying to escape, a dozen or so werewolves nearest him immediately leaped into action.

Without further ado, Stellario stabbed his arm and let a tiny, grain-sized black bug crawl out of his bloody wound.

Once his spiritual sense had dispersed, he retracted his Grandmaster force field and directed all the spiritual energy into his arm.

Before long, the black bugs on his arm began multiplying at an alarming rate.

When the werewolves swiped their claws at him, Stellario lifted his pitch-black left hand to block the attacks. As it turned out, the black bugs had swarmed together to form a shield on his arm.


Sparks instantly flew, and Stellario’s gaze grew colder with every second.

“You asked for it!” he thundered as waves of spiritual energy surged toward the shield on his hand.

Meanwhile, the spirit shield around Stellario started turning into a black ball, visible to the naked eye.

One of the werewolves managed to get a claw through the spirit shield, only to have it stop an inch away from Stellario’s face and drop to the latter’s feet.

“Sanguisuges, devour!”

The next second, the black bug shield surrounding Stellario exploded, sending millions of tiny bugs flying into a twenty-meter radius.

Three werewolves lay in front of him, howling in pain as their arms got devoured down to the bones.

Having witnessed the terrifying scene, several other werewolves started warning the rest to stay out of Stellario’s force field.

Unfortunately, the latter wasn’t one to let his enemies off easy.

With a mere change of his thought, the black bugs in the air clumped together and attached themselves to the werewolves.

Soon, the three werewolves on the ground had their flesh and blood completely eaten and sucked clean.

It didn’t take long for the rest of the werewolves to realize that the bugs would fall off them when they stepped out of Stellario’s force field.

Even though their wounds still hurt and itched like hell, they could, at the very least, stay alive. One thing, however, was for sure—their injuries were too severe for them to use their powers again.

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