Super Wife’s Three Babies chapter 670

Olivia headed out of the room to find a man keeping himself busy in the kitchen. She walked over with a smile. “Didn’t you say you wanted to sleep?”

“You won’t sleep with me, so I’d rather wake up!” Eugene uttered with a flat expression. Olivia burst into laughter. “What is it? Are you angry?”

He had intended to say that he wasn’t angry, but he liked it when the girl spoke in a gentle tone to him, so he intentionally scrunched his face up. “I wouldn’t dare to be mad at you!”

“That means that you’re mad,” she uttered while nodding. “I’ll stop being mad if you kiss me,” he said. The corners of her mouth twitched a little. “You can continue being mad then!” She turned to leave after finishing her words. But would Eugene allow her to leave at a time like that? He reached his long arm over to stop her before pulling her close to him. “Say that again,’ he uttered in a dangerous voice.

She couldn’t help but giggle as she tried to wriggle her way out of the man’s arms. “Let me go, Eugene. Mom and the rest of them might see this if they wake up now.”

He took a step forward to press her against the dining table. “Why don’t you be a good girl and kiss me then?” he teased. She couldn’t get away from him, so she began to feign anger in a coquettish tone. “Eugene…” It’d look bad if his mother caught them kissing. in the kitchen. However, she couldn’t get out of his grip at all, so she could only scare him with her fierce glare. “Let go of me before I get angry, she hissed.

He was afraid to infuriate her, so he quickly leaned forward to kiss her before letting go of her. “Since you tried so hard to make me happy. I’ve decided not to be mad at you anymore,” he uttered in a haughty tone.

She stared at the childish man before her eyes. “You’re such a …” Before she could find the appropriate term to describe him, she suddenly realized how adorable he was as she looked. into his hopeful eyes. He doesn’t think that I’m going to praise him, does he? She had to stifle a laugh as she completed her sentence. “You’re such a… shameless man.”

Eugene used his forehead to give her a light. bump on her head as he gazed at her lovingly. “Why do I need to care about appearances when I’m with my wife?”

Olivia let out a laugh. She realized that she had been laughing a lot in recent days. I feel like I laugh so much more than usual whenever I’m with him. I just want to be in a relationship-why do I end up feeling like an idiot half the time? “What do you want to do now?” She changed the topic on purpose.

“What do you feel like eating?” he asked in return. Both of them chatted sweetly for a long while, and the people standing in the corner couldn’t control themselves for much longer. Ellen had intended to prepare breakfast for everyone, but she stayed in her spot after she saw Eugene and Olivia in the kitchen.

After that, North and Brian came out of their rooms. Soon enough, Jewel joined the gathering. All of them wanted to see what the couple was doing in the kitchen, and they achieved an unspoken agreement of not. stepping forward to disturb them.

However, when Olivia and Eugene moved around, the rest of them could no longer get a good view of the couple. So, they stuck their necks out to get a good look. It was fine if just one person had done it, but the whole group did it at the same time, and their large movements attracted the attention of the couple. When Olivia and Eugene turned in the direction of the group, they wore awkward expressions on their faces.

Everyone was trying their best to act calm. Ellen. was the first to let out a laugh. “I was afraid to wake up too early as I thought that I’d disturb you guys. But it seems like all of you are early birds,” she commented.

Oh no. I bet Eugene’s mother saw everything that happened in the kitchen earlier, Olivia thought. However, it wasn’t the right time to be awkward then, so she put on a cool front as she greeted the woman. ‘Good morning, Mrs. Nolan.” “Good morning. Did you guys have a good sleep?”

“I slept well, but I don’t think Eugene slept that much,’ Olivia replied.

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