Super Wife’s Three Babies chapter 669

Eugene responded in an obedient tone. “Sure, girlfriend. Sit right here. I’m going to dry your hair.” He walked into the washroom after that. Olivia let out a laugh as she watched him walk away. After drying her hair, Eugene returned the hairdryer to its original position.

When he came out to find Olivia still sitting on the bed, he pulled her toward the middle of the bed. “Let’s sleep together, girlfriend!” Olivia was speechless. “Why do you have to say things that are so easily misinterpreted?”

Eugene halted his movements to look at her. “Don’t you think that you might be the one overthinking things?” Olivia didn’t know what to say to that.

The next day, Eugene woke up early in the morning. It felt too good to share the same bed with his girlfriend. He turned around and rested his head on his arm as he gazed at her without blinking. Her eyes were shut tight, and her lashes looked like fans that created a shadow under her eyes. Her tiny lips were perky, and her breathing was shallow. It was obvious that she was still fast asleep.

He tugged his lips into a smile as he felt the urge to pull her in for a hug. With that thought, his naughty hand reached closer to the woman’s waist… He was getting closer and closer when the woman unconsciously pouted and turned to the side. She had been lying on her back at first, but she had turned sideways to face him.

Eugene was so shocked that he pulled his hand away. His heart began to race at an uneven pace. They were extremely close to each other -he’d be able to kiss her if he leaned any closer to her. He felt as if he was possessed as he moved closer to the woman before giving her a peck on the lips.

The woman raised her hand to shoo him away before she wiped her lips with her hand. It was as if she was trying to get rid of the itch that his kiss had left her. Eugene let out a laugh. She must feel pretty safe to be able to sleep so soundly. She’s not awake even after I kissed her. Well, I don’t blame her-I was the reason she slept so late last night. Come to think of it, we only slept for about four to five hours.

Eugene sneakily reached over to slip his arm around her waist. He wanted to hug her and. sleep for a while more. However, to his surprise, the woman opened her eyes and looked at him in a dazed and lazy manner. She sounded groggy as she said, “Are you just about to sleep, or did you wake up early?”

Eugene wanted to tell her that he was too excited to sleep anymore. However, when he noticed that she had brushed off his arm. around her waist, he changed his mind. ‘I- couldn’t sleep, but I think I’d sleep better if I get to hug you!” he said. “I never knew I had the power to help you sleep,” she replied.

“You know now,” he said. “How do you usually fall asleep at home, then?” She gave him a disdainful glare, but she no longer pushed his hand away. Eugene saw this as a sign to go further, so he shamelessly. edged closer to her before pulling her directly toward his chest. “I find it hard to sleep whenever I sleep in a new environment. Don’t wake up just yet! Sleep with me for a while more!” he pleaded.

“If you get insomnia each time you sleep in a new environment, then why do you insist on sleeping at my place?” she asked. “That’s different. You’re sleeping with me at your place, and I can fall asleep whenever I’m hugging you,’ he claimed. She took his arm off her waist. “I don’t think you should hug me to sleep, then.”

“Why not?” he asked. “How are you going to fall asleep if this becomes a habit and I’m not around?” she asked in return. “Well, I can just move into your place, right?” Olivia scoffed. “In your dreams!” She left the bed and headed to the shower.

As Eugene watched the woman scurrying off, he couldn’t help but let out a giggle. There was no longer any point in him sleeping since his woman had already gotten out of bed. So, he decided to get out of bed as well. When Olivia didn’t see Eugene after she walked out of the shower, she looked around for him. with a puzzled expression on her face.

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