Super Wife’s Three Babies chapter 668

Eugene continued to drag Alex into a trap. “Well, that’s easy, isn’t it? You should just find yourself a woman to test it out!” “I found one, but I didn’t show any response to her. Hey, you haven’t used your member in a while; does it still work?” Alex asked.

I just finished testing it out, and it’s working perfectly fine. I just don’t have an opportunity to use it yet! He thought to himself. “You should. worry about yourself. You sure are a daring man, huh? How dare you find other women when you have a girlfriend? I’m going to tell Olivia to get Jewel to stay away from you,” Eugene replied.

Alex was shocked. “Hey. I haven’t found a woman; I was just trying it out. You’re always picking your girlfriend over your friends-how could you tell her everything?”

“Who am I supposed to tell if not her? Should I tell you about it instead?” Eugene replied. “You’re not going to look for me unless you need me for something nowadays, huh?” Alex growled. “Since when have I ever asked you for any help?” Eugene asked in return.

“Well, I recall a time when you said your girlfriend didn’t want to talk to you. You asked for advice then, didn’t you? Who was the one who spent the night drinking and drowning your sorrows with you then?” Alex uttered.

‘Didn’t I do the same for you?” Eugene asked in return. “So, we’re in the same gang. You can’t tell your girlfriend everything. If I don’t find a girlfriend, I’ll put the blame on your girl,” Alex threatened.

“It’s too late. She already heard everything.” Eugene said with a sly grin. Alex stared at him speechlessly. After that, Eugene ended the call and walked over to Olivia.

“Who were you on the phone with?” Olivia asked. “Alex said that he’ll come the day after tomorrow, and he said that he will pay for all our expenses,’ Eugene said with a smile. Olivia chuckled. ‘Did you trick him into this?”

“Should I help him find a wife for free, then?” Eugene asked in return. Olivia let out a laugh. “What was it that he told you not to tell me just now?” she asked. But Eugene only laughed without saying anything. When Olivia saw the thoughtful smile on his face, she could tell that it wasn’t a good thing. “Forget it. Don’t tell me about it,” she said. hastily.

“He told me he’s sick,” Eugene said while looking at her. Olivia was puzzled. She didn’t think that he was referring to anything nasty, so she instinctively followed up with a question. “What happened?”

Eugene put on an evil, wolf-like grin on his face. “He said he no longer has any reaction with other women, and he asked me if something was wrong with him. I told him I’d ask you about it, but he told me not to.”

Olivia stared at him speechlessly. Why did I do this to myself? I bet Alex wasn’t the one who asked the question. Eugene is obviously the one who’s trying to flirt with me right now!

“Why did you ask me the question if he told you not to?” She tried her best to remain calm. “Well, you and I are a package, so I can’t hide anything from you. Actually, he also asked me something else. Do you want to hear it?” Eugene asked.

“No.” Eugene grinned as he pulled her closer to him. “But I feel like telling you,” he said. Olivia quickly pressed her palm against his lips. “No! You don’t want to tell me about it!” This man is a sly fox, so I bet he’s going to tell me something nasty.

Eugene quickly pulled her hand away. “What are you afraid of?” he asked with a laugh. I’m not afraid.” She scoffed. Eugene leaned closer to her ear before. whispering to her, “He asked me if I still respond to women after being single for so many years.”

Olivia was speechless. I knew it. He’d never say anything decent. When Eugene saw the annoyed look on her face, he let out a laugh. “Do you want to know my answer?”

Olivia glared at him, feeling both amused and angry at the same time. “I don’t want to know, but you’re going to tell me anyway, right?” Eugene responded in a serious tone. “I won’t tell you if you don’t want to know.”

She let out a playful scoff. Is he trying to use reverse psychology on me? I already know if he still responds to women, anyway. “I really don’t want to know the answer,” she replied.

“Fine. I won’t say it, then,” Eugene uttered. “I give you permission to not tell me about these conversations that you have with your male friends from now on,’ she stated.

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