Super Wife’s Three Babies chapter 664

Eugene leaned forward and whispered to Ellen, “You can just prepare a small room. Olivia won’t sleep with me otherwise.” Ellen glared at him before she patted him on his shoulder. ‘Did you bully her?”

He chuckled. “No. I just want to have some alone time with Olivia. You’re overthinking the situation.” “Well, then how have you guys been getting along? When are you planning to get married?” Ellen asked.

Eugene let out an exasperated laugh. Marriage? I would love that. But the main issue is that the woman isn’t interested in getting married at all. “It’s still too early to think about that. You don’t have to worry about it.” Eugene left after that, and Ellen glared at him speechlessly.

Meanwhile, Olivia was teaching Jewel how to speak. She had been taking the medication for so long, so there should have been some change in her speaking abilities. Yet, Jewel couldn’t speak at all. Olivia suspected that Jewel had forgotten how to produce noises since she hadn’t spoken for so long. So, Olivia tried her best to teach Jewel to speak. “Try making some noises. Ah…”

Jewel let out a laugh before she signed, ‘I’m not a kid. Do I need you to teach me this?’ ‘Just try it. Ah… Olivia said. Jewel extended her neck and tried her best to speak, but no sound came. In the end, Jewel only ended up with sweat all over her forehead as she was too anxious. Olivia quickly tried to calm Jewel down. ‘It’s fine. Perhaps we can stop the medication after the new year. Then, we can run some tests at the hospital, and I’ll adjust the dosage for you.”

Jewel eyed Olivia dejectedly. ‘I don’t think anything can save my throat. You can stop wasting your effort. Olivia shot Jewel an annoyed glare. “Stop talking nonsense. You have to trust me-I’m the genius doctor.”

Jewel smiled and nodded. When Eugene returned to the hall, he sat down next to Olivia and glanced at the other side of the couch, where Brian and North were playing games. “Who won?” “Who do you think?” Olivia chuckled. Eugene put on a smug look. “He’s just asking for it if he wants to play games with our son, isn’t he?”

Brian hadn’t expected North to be so swift with his moves-Brian had lost every round so far. However, Brian refused to give in. He wanted to win at least once. Yet, he hadn’t won a single round after sitting around for more than one hour. In the end, Brian stood up and threw his phone aside with a loud smack. “I’m not playing anymore.”

“Are you ready to give up?” North asked playfully. Brian gave the young boy a fierce glare. This is your strength, so what’s there to be proud of? If you’re that confident, why don’t we play chess instead?”

A sly look flashed across North’s face. “Let’s do it! Do you think I’m afraid of you?” Eugene parted his lips to remind Brian of how North would often play chess with his grandfather when North visited the Nolan Residence. I don’t think it’s a good idea to play chess with North! However, Eugene didn’t know how good Brian was at chess. Perhaps his chess skills might have improved while I wasn’t around. But…

One hour later, Eugene realized that he had overestimated Brian once more. “Bring your son away, Olivia. I’m going to be broke if I lose anything else,” Brian cried. Everyone laughed.

After dinner at night, Ellen spoke to Jewel. “Jewel, I just prepared a room for you, and I’ll bring you over later.” Jewel nodded and signed a ‘thank you’ to Ellen. “It’s no worries at all. Let’s go,’ Ellen uttered.

‘Let me sleep with you,” Olivia suggested. Right after she stood up, Eugene pulled her back onto the couch. “Jewel’s room is a little too small, so it can’t fit two people,’ Eugene said. Jewel beamed and moved her hands to sign to Olivia. I want to sleep on my own. Olivia was speechless for a second. After that, they all returned to their own rooms.

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