Super Wife’s Three Babies chapter 662

North chuckled when he saw how she hadn’t turned around. “Grandma!” he called. Right then, Ellen spun around to see her family members behind her. Tears formed in her eyes immediately. “Oh, dear! What brings all of you here?”

“We’re here to spend the new year with you,” Eugene uttered with a smile. Ellen scurried over to welcome them. “Is that so? Hurry up and come in! Why didn’t you guys tell me that you were going to visit?” Olivia grinned. “Eugene said he wanted to give you a surprise.” “This sure is a surprise.” Ellen turned to gaze at Jewel. ‘And you are…?”

Olivia immediately pulled Jewel over to introduce her. “This is one of my best friends, Jewel. She doesn’t have family around, so I told her to come along with me. Would that be okay with you, Mrs. Nolan?”

Ellen immediately nodded. ‘Of course it’s okay! You guys have no idea how desperate I am for someone to talk to me these days. Hurry up and come in.” Olivia felt relieved to hear the woman’s words. “Come on!” she said while tugging on Jewel’s hand. Ellen, on the other hand, took North’s hand. “Oh, my grandson grew taller again!”

“Do you think I’ll be taller than Daddy someday, Grandma?” North asked. “Of course! You’ll outgrow him someday!” Ellen replied. After they got into the house, Ellen brought some fruits and snacks over. “You don’t have to serve us. You should get some rest,” Olivia suggested. Ellen brought a few more snacks and poured tea for each of them as if they were VIP customers. She only took a seat after that.

“It’s all your fault. Why didn’t you tell me about this earlier?” She shot Brian an annoyed glare. Brian frowned as he put on a wronged expression. “What did I do this time?”

“When you brought your uncle and the rest of them over a while ago, why didn’t you mention that you guys would be spending new years’ here? I could’ve prepared more stuff if you told me your plans earlier,” Ellen grumbled.

Brian faked an angry look. “How should I know that they were coming this year? I only received the news at the very last second. I would’ve dropped by earlier if it weren’t for them,” he uttered. Ellen reached her hand over and smacked Brian on the leg. “Are you talking back to me now?”

Brian let out a chuckle. “Can you be a little more rational, Mom? Can’t I speak for myself a little?”

“I never talk back to my Mommy,” North interrupted. Brian glared at North speechlessly before pointing his finger at North. “Are you asking for trouble right now? Come at me, then! Do you remember who was the one who saved you?” As Brian spoke, he acted as if he was about to chase after North.

North immediately sprinted away while shouting. “You saved me, but my mommy saved you, so we don’t owe each other anything. You can’t bring this up anymore!”

“Your mommy saved me, so I’m thankful to her, but I saved you, so you should be thankful to me too!” Brian protested. North continued to run. “If you continue bullying me, I’ll tell everyone about your childhood.” Brian froze. “My childhood? What did I do as a kid?”

North ran in circles around the couch as he provoked the other boy. “You were bit by a goose when you were young, and you bawled your eyes out.” Brian’s footsteps came to a halt. “Who told you that?”

North stopped running as he responded to the other boy. “You don’t need to know that. But is it true?” “That’s nonsense! You shouldn’t listen to your dad’s nonsense!” Brian replied. Eugene had been sitting on the couch, and he lifted his gaze to shoot Brian a cold glare.. However, Eugene didn’t join in their conversation and simply continued to crack some peanuts. Soon enough, a handful of juicy peanuts fell into Olivia’s hands.

Olivia felt rather awkward at that moment, so she stole a gaze at Ellen and Jewel, who were both beaming at her. In the end, Olivia had no choice but to accept the peanuts and the embarrassment she felt.

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