Super Wife’s Three Babies chapter 661

Olivia had been a little dejected before that, but she gradually returned to her usual self after hearing Eugene’s words. “Where do you want to go?” she asked.

Eugene held her hand. ‘I never understood the concept of new year’s celebrations until I met you guys. Usually, I would just spend the night. before with my grandfather, then I’d sleep in for a few days after that. Now that you guys are here, I don’t mind going anywhere as long as it’s with you guys.”

Before Olivia could say anything, North said, “Let’s go look for Grandma! We might even get a chance to bump into Dora!” Eugene didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at North’s comment. This brat is really into that girl, huh?

“Fine. Let’s go to Promise Island, then, Eugene uttered. But Olivia knitted her brows upon hearing this. “What about Grandpa? We can’t leave him at home alone. Lara and your dad are in the detention center.”

“Edward isn’t my grandfather’s only son, you know. The rest of my uncles and aunts will be home during the holiday too!” Eugene said with a smile. Olivia finally understood the situation. “Oh, that’s good, then. You’ve never celebrated the new year with your mother, have you?”

“No, I usually get more occupied during festive seasons, he replied. Olivia knew that there would be more people watching his every move during festive seasons. For the sake of his mother’s safety, he had to maintain his distance. All of a sudden, Olivia felt rather sorry for the man. “Why don’t we celebrate new years’ with your mother this time?”

A spark lit up in Eugene’s eyes when he heard. what she said. This was his ideal way to spend the festive season. He quietly thought about how they could share a room. He had wanted to bring her back to his place, but she was an extremely cautious and stubborn woman who insisted on staying out of the house whenever they were done eating.

She was a heartless woman. Eugene didn’t want to leave a bad impression, and the rational side of his mind often told him to act with a little more dignity. He knew that he wasn’t supposed to lose himself each time he saw her.

Yet, the emotional side of him ran under a completely different system. Every time he saw her, he would overthink their relationship, especially when it was just the both of them. He spread his lips into a smile and was just about to agree to her idea when she spoke again. “Oops. I don’t think that’ll work.” Eugene immediately frowned. “Why not?”

“What about Jewel? She’s here alone-what is she going to do if we leave?” Eugene didn’t know what to say for a moment. It’s so hard to spend some alone time with my girlfriend. “Why don’t we bring her along?” he suggested. Olivia hesitated for a moment. “Would that be okay? It’s a new year celebration.”

“What’s wrong with it? She’s practically your sister from another mother, and my mom loves having people around. I can ask Alex to come along too,” he replied.

“How’s he going to join us? He has to spend time with his family too!” Olivia protested. “He can come after that. We can stay for a while longer, Eugene replied. Olivia finally agreed. “Okay, I’ll ask Jewel about it.”

Jewel didn’t actually want to join them, but she knew that they were worried about her, and she knew that Olivia wouldn’t leave if she didn’t go along with them. So, she had no choice but to join them. Two days before the new year, Olivia, Eugene, North, Brian, and Jewel traveled to Promise Island. They didn’t let Ellen know about their plan as they wanted to give her a surprise.

When they entered the house, Ellen was busy tidying the place up. She was a woman who couldn’t sit still, and she was the one who cleaned the whole of their enormous house. She had fired the two maids that Eugene hired for her, and she only asked for help if she couldn’t manage to clean the whole place sometimes. Most of the time, she was the one doing all the work.

“Mom!” Brian called. Ellen had her back turned. against them, and her body froze for a moment when she heard her son’s voice. She looked like she was trying to pay more attention to what she heard, perhaps because she thought that she was hallucinating.

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