Super Wife’s Three Babies chapter 660

“Eugenel” she shouted, and her tears fell. She started to choke up, and she couldn’t say a word Eugene looked at her and said icily, “I won’t go. any further, since you just came back and you don’t know the truth. But that does not mean you can do as you please. Don’t even think you’re more important than Olivia is. If you try to hurt her, I will destroy you.”

Olivia slowly came out from behind Eugene and looked at Penny haughtily. “You don’t have the right to complain. Did you think the only thing she did was get everyone to yell at me? Oh no, she did much worse. She poisoned Eugene and my son, almost killing them in the process. Sending her to the detention center isn’t even crossing the line. Don’t even think he did it for me. Even if he did nothing, I would have sent her into the detention center myself!”

Penny was angry, but more importantly, she was shocked that her mother would poison Eugene. That’s impossible. “You’re lying! Why would Mom poison Eugene?”

“Ask her yourself,” Olivia said. Penny pointed at Olivia. “It’s all your fault! You made her your scapegoat! I’m going to kill you, b*tch!” She pounced at Olivia again. Eugene caught her once more. “Don’t challenge me, Penny,” “Eugene!” She was crying. “You can’t let her fool you!” Eugene looked impatient, and he called, “Guards.”

Curtis came in. Eugene pushed Penny to him. “Take her away.” Curtis obliged. “Yes, sir.” He then dragged her away as she kicked and screamed, and the whole commotion came to an end. Eugene looked at Olivia apologetically. “Are you fine?”

Olivia smiled. “I’m alright. You got all the wine on your clothes. Let me see if you got some on your shirt.” She went around him. “Good. Not a drop.”

Eugene smiled and held her hand. “Let’s go over there and leave the floor to them.” “Okay.” The episode didn’t affect her, so she took North and went to get some food at the buffet area.

With Eugene and Olivia gone, the employees went wild. In the end, they stopped dancing and put on a talent show instead. Singing, dancing, slapstick, magic shows, talk shows, and more happened during the banquet. Even Eugene and Olivia laughed out loud. The lucky draw was held at the end, and some got a lot of prizes, while some only got consolation prizes, though they were happy too.

The banquet ran for nearly four hours, but it finally came to an end. The company would be on break starting the next day, and everyone had a blast. After they came home, Eugene asked, “So where do you want to celebrate New Year?”

Olivia said nothing. When she first came home, she only wanted to go back to the Maxwell Residence and have her first reunion dinner in seven years. She’d let bygones be bygones, but then all the mess happened, and she found out she wasn’t part of the Maxwells. She didn’t know which family she belonged to, and just like that, she had no home.

Eugene noticed her feeling sad, and he suggested, “Why don’t you come with me to the Nolan Residence? If you like a warmer place, then Promise Island is great. If you don’t like crowded places, we can stay here at Muse Peninsula. We can make a feast for the festival. Just you, me, and North.”

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