Super Wife’s Three Babies chapter 615

Eugene’s voice was flat, and his facial expression looked like he was engaging in a small talk. However, no one thought he was actually chit-chatting with them.

Wasn’t he just calculating what we have done? Everyone lowered their heads, wishing they could hide like quails. As of this moment, they all secretly regretted their decisions. Why did we believe Edward and Amos’ words? They said Eugene is dying soon. If so, who’s that sitting here?

“Why aren’t you all saying something? Didn’t you all rave just now?” Eugene spoke again. Even after his voice fell, no one made a sound. The entire conference room was silent.

We know what we’re doing. We’re trying to turn Eugene into a mere figurehead, but who dares to say this out? One is Eugene’s father while the other is his uncle. They’re closely-knit kinsmen. Regardless, they’re still a family until the end of life. What’s the point of us shareholders getting involved in this matter?

Seeing that no one still dared to utter a word, Eugene shifted his gaze to Amos. “Amos, speak!” Amos’ heart jolted instantly as he looked at Eugene in astonishment. Why does he demand me to speak? It wasn’t me who egged on this matter!

However, he did not dare to have any complaints when his eyes met Eugene’s sharp gazes. This nephew of mine is not mediocre. One can imagine how terrifying he is, considering he can stay alive until today and survive from Edward and Lara’s torments since his teens.

Amos stuttered, ‘T-This… I-It’s your Dad. H-He thought you were critically ill, so he wanted to elect a new president. We even visited you last time, but we couldn’t see you in person. Didn’t I ask Master Merlin about your condition earlier? I told them we should wait for your return. The company will only be able to thrive well in your hands.”

After Amos’ voice fell, Edward glanced at him with contempt. “Amos, are you not ashamed at all to say this?”

Hearing that, Amos refuted, “What’s the matter? It’s a fact! Do you dare to say that you don’t want to be the head of the Nolan Family? Do you dare to say that you don’t wish to claim the position of president? Everyone sitting here heard every word you spat!’

Edward retorted against Amos, “And do you dare to say that you didn’t? Do you dare to say you have no thoughts of claiming the position? I wonder who was the one who said that he was better than me a while ago?”

Even though they saw the two engaged in an argument, no one dared to get involved this time. What was more, no one even dared to speak in a whisper. In the meantime, Eugene leaned back lazily against the back of the chair and listened to their words.

“Who said I was critically ill?” As soon as Eugene spoke, both Edward and Amos immediately fell silent. Then, they looked at Lara. Wasn’t Lara the one who said Eugene couldn’t make it at the beginning? She also said that Eugene was not suffering from allergy at all. She said he was poisoned. The doctor said Eugene would be saved if he woke up within 72 hours. If he couldn’t wake up within that time period, he would die. We even saw the medical note!

At this moment, Lara increasingly felt that she had been deceived. I took Eugene’s bait! I don’t believe that my assistant would dare to lie to me. In all likelihood, everything she inquired about was arranged by Eugene in advance. At the thought of that, an inexplicable panic surged in her heart. How much does Eugene know?

Looking at Olivia, Eugene asked, “Olivia, didn’t you tell my family that I was fine?” Olivia responded, “I did. I also don’t know from whom they heard that you’re critically ill.”

As if he was not aware of anything, he looked at Richard. “Uncle Richard, who was the one telling you guys that I was critically ill?”

Glancing at Lara and Edward, Richard explained, ‘At first, Lara called us saying that you were critically ill. Then, we also saw reports about you on the Internet at that time. Hence, we went to the hospital to visit you together, but Doctor Maxwell didn’t let us in because she was afraid we would disturb you. And thus, we let your dad in to check on you. When he came out, he also said that you were not in a good state. He said that you were very haggard. Later, Lara asked her assistant to disguise as a patient and inquired with the doctor about your condition. The doctor said you were actually poisoned and not allergic at all. Furthermore, with the uproar on the Internet, we all thought you were critically ill.”

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