Super Wife’s Three Babies chapter 613

As he spoke, he turned to Amos. “And you, too! As his elder brother, you even have the cheek to call him out when you’re just the same as him! The president of the company is merely hospitalized and the doctor didn’t announce anything yet, but the both of you are already: fishing in troubled waters. Who has my support, you ask?

None of you! The likes of you are not fit to take this position! The people seated here are either Eugene’s uncles or cousins, all of whom are the closest to him. How could you bring yourselves to scheme and fight for his position as the president when his life and death is still uncertain?”

Although Merlin was in his twilight years, every word he said had an influential impact! Everyone was either glancing at each other or lowering their heads in deep contemplation as none of them dared to disrespect Merlin. After all, he held twenty-five percent of the shares in Nolan Group, and this was enough to control the entire group!

Taking the initiative to stand up, Lara then placed a glass of water in front of Merlin and said gently, “Don’t be mad, Dad. Both you and Edward have seen Eugene, and we all know clearly about his situation in our hearts. I know you’re unwilling to accept this reality, but the shareholders seated here are all thinking for the sake of the company’s development.

While we are able to do our jobs, the direction of the company’s future development in addition to the stock market which is falling frequently needs someone from the family to stabilize the situation in the Nolan Group. After all, this concerns everyone’s pockets, and yet, Eugene is lying in the hospital. Just as you said, we’re his closest kin, so of course we’re upset as well, but we have to continue living our lives, don’t we?”

After she finished speaking, she received a lot of agreement as the shareholders nodded. Looking at her, Merlin no longer had a nonchalant look as before. Today, his eyes seemed inexplicably fierce, and his voice was also cold. “If it was not for you, Edward wouldn’t have turned out like this today!”

An astonished Lara gawked at Merlin with an aggrieved expression. Meanwhile, Edward furrowed his brows tightly and pulled her into his arms instinctively. “Dad, what are you saying? What about me?”

“Shut your mouth!” Merlin scowled. “Dad, I know you have opinions against me because Edward married me back then, and you keep thinking that I destroyed him. However, what you think is right may not be the right thing and what you think is good may not necessarily be good either. All these years, Edward and I have been loving to each other and I’ve served you attentively. I think I’ve done everything a daughter-in-law should do, but you shouldn’t keep picking on me!”

Despite her humble choice of words, her tone was rather aggressive! While maintaining his gaze at her with eyes as sharp as blades, he spat, “That’s because Edward has no idea of your true colors!”

Knitting her brows tightly, Lara somehow had a hunch that some things were slipping out of her control and she stared at Merlin’s composed face with confusion. Then, she watched as he whispered something to Curtis next to him, after which Curtis stood up to open the door of the conference room.

Everyone else was equally baffled, thinking that the things Merlin had just said was very profound, and they all turned to look in the direction of the door.

The door of the conference room was pulled open by Curtis, and the person appearing at the door was the same person whose life and death they were discussing earlier-Eugene!

Dressed in a dark-colored suit which was ironed so smoothly that it clung tightly to his sturdy figure, he showed no emotion on his stunning face as his entire being was encapsulated in a layer of cold air. When his icy eyes slowly scanned across the room, the noisy conference room suddenly became so silent that a pin drop could be heard.

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