Super Wife’s Three Babies chapter 612

A snigger escaped Amos’ mouth. “I didn’t visit any of the shareholders like you did. The people who support me are doing so willingly. I guess there’s a scale in those shareholders’ hearts, and they know who will do best for the company’s development as the president, unlike you, who tries to get things done by saying a few words!”

“Don’t you have any shame at all?” Edward hollered in anger. “So, you didn’t visit them and they’re willingly supporting you? Aren’t you boasting a little too much? Who was the one who walked out of Richard’s house last night? Say Richard, wasn’t Amos at your place last night?”

“I was just dropping by to say hi. What’s the problem if I went to his place for a drink? Do I need your permission?” Amos snapped.

“Do you even believe the things you said yourself?” Edward retorted. “According to your saying, then what I did was also dropping by to say hi.”

Wearing a helpless expression, Richard tried to intervene. “Stop arguing. As long as it’s for the good of the company, it doesn’t make a difference who the president is!”

“I just didn’t think that he could say something so heartless,” Edward grumbled. “The shareholders who are supporting you must be blind!”

Then, Amos slammed the table and sprang up. as well. “How can you say that? The ones supporting you are blind too! For your whole life, you’ve been a wimp, and besides this woman in your heart, who else is there? Don’t forget that your son is still in the hospital!”

As Merlin watched his sons argue, he was glad that he was living in modern times and not in ancient times. Otherwise, he might end up witnessing a scene of his sons fighting over a throne.

Just for the sake of a mere company president position, they were willing to throw their brotherhood out the window along with the relationship that they had as father and son. What a sad situation it is, he thought, his eyes staring into the distance with a touch of melancholy. If their mother is still alive, will she be heartbroken to see this?

Suddenly, Amos turned to Merlin. “Dad, are you going to support a person like Edward?” “Do you think he’ll support you instead of me? You still have no idea about this at your age now?” Edward argued..

The shareholders in the room shifted their gaze from one man to the other as though they were watching an interesting debate. Sure enough, there were a lot of arguments within an influential family! The Nolan Family was really complicated with its load of dark secrets. Eugene was still alive, but they were already arguing with each other so badly.

If he had really passed away, there would be more people involved and fury would probably send Merlin to an earlier death! In fact, that wasn’t so far from the truth now. Livid from the anger, Merlin slammed the table and roared, “Stop arguing!”

In an instant, Edward and Amos shut their mouths and the conference room fell silent. Merlin took deep, heavy breaths as his chest

rose and fell with the rhythm. Even though Eugene had warned him about this and he knew that the situation was within his control, he was still so mad that he had no words to say for a long while!

Curtis hurriedly stroked his back and assured him in a soft voice, “Take care of your health, Master Merlin. The doctor has advised you not to get too worked up.”

Hearing that, Merlin gradually calmed himself down. That’s right! Both of them are ingrates, and I shouldn’t waste my time getting angry at them.

Lifting his eyes, he scanned the faces bearing different expressions before he finally fixed his gaze on Edward. “Is it really worth it for the position of the company’s president? Is this a throne where you can disregard your brotherhood, ignore your sick child and nephew, and embarrass yourselves in front of so many shareholders? Is it really worth it?”

Sitting down sheepishly, Edward answered, “Dad, I’m just being kind, but I didn’t know that Amos has so many opinions about me.”

Richard threw him an indifferent look. “Shut up. You sound so rhetoric, saying that it’s for the sake of the company and that you’re being kind. If you’re really thinking for the company, you should just do the job as it’s supposed to be done. Why do you need to fight for the position of the president?”

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