Super Wife’s Three Babies chapter 611

“As a member of the Nolan Family, Eugene’s father as well as a senior employee of the company, I think there’s no one more suitable than myself. I’ve already spoken to the chairman, and he isn’t against this idea. Now, we would just like to listen to what the shareholders have to say.”

As the shareholders were already bribed by Edward, they would speak up for him as expected. One of them took the lead and said, “Master Nolan, your leadership is clear for all to see. I have no opinions about it.”

After he said that, someone else immediately chirped along, “I don’t have any opinions, too.” “As President Nolan’s father, no one else is more suited for the post than you, Master Nolan!”

All of a sudden, almost half of the shareholders in the conference room had voiced their opinion, except for Amos, who was seated across from him.

Amos snorted before he said, “You do seem a little anxious to take over your son’s position as the president of the company while he’s still hospitalized, don’t you?”

Edward’s face fell. Previously, Amos was the only one who didn’t want to join their side, but it wasn’t because he was siding with Eugene; it was because he wanted this position as well.

“I’m not trying to take up the president position, and anyone who is capable can take up the post. It’s all for the sake of the company’s development. Furthermore, we can’t be leaving such a huge corporation without a leader, can we? I just think that I’m more suitable, but if you think there’s someone else more capable, you can recommend them, Amos!”

“How are you suitable for this position?” Amos sheered. “It’s true that you’re Eugene’s father, but are you that close with him? Everyone knows what happened back then. I’m also a shareholder of the company and a member of the Nolan Family. When it comes to ability, I’m just as capable as you, if not better.”

Knitting his brows tightly together, Edward said, “Isn’t this the reason we’re having a meeting this time? So many shareholders are here, and even our father is here. You don’t have to think that you’re better than me, and neither do I have to justify why I’m more suitable. Everyone present can see it for themselves, so let Dad and the shareholders decide on this matter!”

“Do you think I don’t know you?” Amos snapped. “All these years, you’ve been active, and almost all the shareholders here have been bought over by you.”

Slamming the table, Edward sprang up from his seat. “Amos, that’s too much. When have I been active?”

“That’s enough, you don’t have to put up an act. Even if you’re not active, what about your wife? She personally went to my house, but was chased away by me because I don’t want to be in cahoots with you!”

“Amos Nolan!” A furious Edward shouted, “Aren’t you active as well? The people seated here are either on your side or mine. We’re just the pots calling the kettle black, but do you have to spell it out?”

Amos snorted. “Don’t throw accusations at me. I didn’t do anything like that. Did I visit your house?”

After she patted Edward with assurance, Lara then stood up slowly. With a smile, she said, “What’s to hide about this? Is it worth it that you’re so angry over it? It’s true that we visited the shareholders, but only because we would like to hear their opinions so that we can have their support and conform to the people’s views.

We didn’t force our ideas on anyone at all, just like when I visited your place. It’s great if you’d support us, but did we say anything when you didn’t? However, I can’t leave you out of this because what if you pick on my fairness? I just didn’t think that you would put it so harshly about why we visited the shareholders. Should we live with our doors closed then? Going by your way, can the company continue to grow?”

Chuckling sarcastically, Amos responded, “I must hand it to you, Lara. No wonder you’re able to keep a tight watch over Edward all these years. That’s because of that glib tongue of yours! So, it’s just a regular visit even if you promise them some things and give them some assurance?”

Lara giggled. “Even during the election period, the candidates are given the chance to speak. In order to receive support, of course you have to do what you promised to. Not only did I make promises, I’ll even go through with them. In contrast, do you only speak and not mean it?”

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