Super Wife’s Three Babies chapter 610

As she spoke, she grew increasingly excited and relieved, completely forgetting that it was Eugene sitting opposite her. Eugene was rather angry at first, but he couldn’t help laughing when he heard the ending. “The person who sent you to the mental hospital wasn’t Olivia.”

Anna stared blankly at him. “It was Brian! It’s because you targeted his future sister-in-law! The only reason why he didn’t kill you was because he honored Olivia!” She frowned and stared at Eugene in a seemingly dumbfounded manner. She was getting confused. Who’s Brian’s sister-in-law?

Who else did I target besides Olivia? His subsequent statements answered her unspoken questions. “Brian’s sister-in-law is Olivia, and the person who was with Olivia seven years ago was me. North is our child!”

This revelation struck Anna like a bolt that appeared out of the blue. The person who was with Olivia seven years ago was actually Eugene? How is this possible?

“You’re bullsh*tting! In order to be with Olivia, you’re even making up such a lie? You’re willingly being the stepfather of a beggar’s son? I personally arranged for the beggar to be there. I even went to the room the next day to find him. He did sleep with a woman. How could it be you?”

Eugene couldn’t care less about her. “I think you really need to see a psychiatrist!” With that, he stood up and left. As she was unable to accept this fact, Anna shouted at him, “Eugene, you’re lying to me, right? How could Olivia be with you?”

He left without turning back. Anna suddenly collapsed to the ground. Sevent years ago, Olivia actually slept with Eugene? How is that possible? That’s impossible! It’s impossible! How is she so lucky that she managed to sleep with Eugene just like that? How?

Like a madman, she stayed in the room alone. as she muttered those words over and over again. Three days later, there wasn’t any good news. from the hospital, but there wasn’t any bad news either.

The people whom Lara sent had been keeping watch at the hospital and were certain that nothing unexpected had happened. She was satisfied with this. As long as Edward attained the position as president of Nolan. Group, what was the difference between that and her being in power?

After all, Edward obeyed her completely! Early in the morning, the two of them went to the Nolan Residence to pick up Merlin before heading to the office.

On the surface, they wanted Merlin to uphold justice, but in fact, they just wanted him to support them. For the past few days, as Eugene expected, the couple were extremely attentive to Merlin and didn’t dare to make him even a little angry.

When they arrived at Nolan Group, the major shareholders arrived one after another under Curtis’ arrangement. The conference room that could accommodate hundreds of people was filled to the brim!

Edward helped Merlin to the main seat before sitting on his left while Lara sat next to Edward. On the right was Merlin’s second child, Amos, followed by his eldest child, Richard, and the third child, Josephine. The rest were their respective families, who were already major shareholders.

Curtis stood behind Merlin as Eugene had reminded Curtis to protect the old man. After all, it wasn’t Eugene’s meeting. The entire conference room was full of discussions, so it was as noisy as hundreds of buzzing bees. It was the most unruly of the hundreds of meetings that Curtis had accompanied him to.

At this moment, Edward stood up and addressed the people chattering away, “Please be quiet. I’m sure everyone knows that Eugene is sick, so he may not be able to leave the hospital for a while. I had no choice but to bring everyone together. Now, the company is on edge, and even our business partners are waiting to see what happens. We must come up with a solution and re-elect someone to take charge.”

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