Super Wife’s Three Babies chapter 609

Eugene is simply too cruel! A disgusted Eugene said, ‘Move her away. She’s hurting my eyes!” After the bodyguard nodded, he dragged Anna a little further away. The frightened Anna yelled, “Eugene, I’ll tell you the truth! Let me go!”

He remained silent as he listened to her horrified pleas. ‘President Nolan, let me go. I didn’t mean to target you. Lara found me and discharged me out of the mental hospital. Going against you was her condition for bringing me out. I had to agree.

“President Nolan, please. My sister has always been kind. If she knew you were treating me like this, she wouldn’t be happy. If you let me go, I can testify for you! Please let me go! Sob, sob…”

Eugene was not in a hurry to respond. After he finished smoking a cigarette, he ordered, “Bring her back!” The two bodyguards then released Anna..

She wore the clothes that had been stripped off her amidst her tears before she followed ther bodyguards back. While looking at her, Eugene said lightly, “You’re right. Olivia won’t like this method, but you hurt them, so she won’t have an opinion if you’re beaten up.”

With that, he gave the bodyguards another order. “Slap her! Beat her up!” As soon as he finished speaking, Anna’s eyes widened in fright. Why do I still have to suffer a beating after admitting the truth?

However, the two bodyguards didn’t give her much time to think. Soon, the sound of slapping rang out in the room whereby her screams were endless.

After about 20 minutes, Eugene’s mood eased a little and he ordered them to stop. When Anna was dragged over, her face was bloodshot and swollen like it was a red bun.

However, an indifferent Eugene just asked, “Can you talk properly this time?” She nodded vigorously as she had truly seen how horrifying he was. He’s not human at all! “What’s going on with the cooperation project you talked to me about?’

Since she wasn’t Samantha, how could she possibly have so much experience in negotiation and even managed to see through the other party’s intentions?

Unless… It was fake! Anna replied, “That negotiation was also specially arranged by Lara in order to successfully get me into Nolan Group.” Eugene narrowed his eyes and an inexplicable sense of anger surged. It was just as he had guessed.

In order to kill him, Lara actually did everything she could! “Did you deliberately place those hourglasses and the candy in North’s pocket? Did you know what was inside?”

Anna secretly assessed his face. When she hesitated to tell the truth, she heard him. demanding in an emotionless voice, “Tell me the truth!”

She accepted her fate and replied, “Yes, but Lara said that it’s chronic, and that it would take at least a month for its effects to kill. North’s incident wasn’t intended. Lara only gave me that candy later on, but he kept following you. I didn’t get a chance to do it and he happened to come out that day. He went into the bathroom. to avoid me, so I placed it in while he wasn’t paying attention. Later, his reaction was severe and I was worried that you’d suspect me, so I left the company.”

His expression was as grave as a judge when he probed, “Then, did you hire those beggars too?” At that, she nodded. It had already reached this point, so she might as well tell him everything.

“I hired them. It’s Olivia’s fault for sending me to the mental hospital. Is that even a place for a person to live in? I was suffering, and I cried for help, but it was all to no avail. I’d love to send her there too, to let her have a taste of my life. I know that’s impossible, but I finally escaped, so how could I just give up? Isn’t she powerful enough to delete posts and sway public opinion?

I will get those beggars to go to the place where she’s filming and to create trouble at the Nolan Group. I want everyone to know that Olivia slept with a beggar and had an illegitimate child. When people start spreading word of it, I’ll see if she has the dignity to continue living!”

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