Super Wife’s Three Babies chapter 608

He never wanted to experience that heart- wrenching pain again. This punishment is nowhere near enough. As he leaned against the sofa, he ordered listlessly, “Wake her up!”

The bodyguard responded by going to the restroom to retrieve a basin of water, which he then splashed directly onto Anna. Unfortunately, she had completely lost consciousness and the pressure of the cold water didn’t work on her. “Use the needles!” Eugene instructed.

The bodyguard responded once more. He had experience with this since he had just previously used it on Fatso, making it an extremely efficient method. He retrieved the needles and pierced it under Anna’s fingernails. One needle, two needles….

It wasn’t until her fifth finger was pierced that she woke up and the sharp tingling sensation made her instinctively cry out, “Ahhh!” The bodyguard breathed a sigh of relief. “You’re finally awake!”

Anna held her hands that were painful beyond description, not knowing what to do as her entire body trembled. “President Nolan, she’s awake!” As the bodyguard spoke, he bowed slightly to Eugene.

Only then did Anna notice the man sitting on the couch. He was dressed nobly and exuded a listless aura. Wherever he sat, he looked like he belonged on the cover of a fashion magazine. He was simply pleasing to the eye, and it went without saying that this man was extremely handsome! It was a pity that he had bad taste as he fell in love with the piece of trash that was Olivia. “Why did you kidnap me?”

Eugene sneered. “Are you sure you don’t know?” Anna was drenched and water was dripping off her while her fingers were bleeding. She looked absolutely wretched, but her attitude was still as sharp as a knife. “I don’t know. Why? Does Nolan Group not allow employees to leave without a word?”

He looked up in a leisurely manner and glanced at her before he scoffed. ‘Sure enough, you’ve told so many lies that you’re starting to take it seriously. Do you think everything will be fine after you have changed your face?”

She was surprised. He really found out. In fact, when Eugene’s attitude toward her had suddenly changed, she figured that he must have discovered something.

However, what she found strange was that even she was not fully able to recognize herself with her current looks. They were not even close pals, so how did he find out?

“How did you discover this?” Eugene smiled. “You don’t need to be concerned about that. Who allowed you into the Nolan Group? What were you going to do?”

“No one.” Anna stood firm and added, “I just wanted to get close to you and seduce you.” He had a disgusted expression as he retorted. coldly, “Do you think you’re worthy of that?”

She laughed. ‘Am I not better than Olivia? You can even accept a woman who has slept with a beggar. Isn’t someone like me many times better than her?”

When he heard her explanation, he felt that she was in need of a slap. His expression did not change much, but his statement made her shudder. “Seems like the lesson I just taught you in the snake room wasn’t enough.”

After that, he casually ordered the bodyguard, “Strip her naked and throw her back in!” Needless to say, this was enough to truly frighten Anna. She panicked and was incredulous. “Eugene-”

Eugene wasted no time as he waved his hand and asked them to take her away. He picked up a box of cigarettes, whereupon he pulled out a cigarette stick before lighting it and smoking without a care in the world. The bodyguard had already started to take action by stepping forward to take off Anna’s clothes.

Anna struggled desperately. It wasn’t because she was a chaste martyr, but she was afraid the snakes would actually touch her skin if she was thrown into the snake room after being stripped naked.

She couldn’t even imagine such a scene. Before she could even enter, she had already started to break into cold sweat.

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