Super Wife’s Three Babies chapter 607

Anna was still happily thinking about it when she suddenly felt a slender creature crawling over her body. She instinctively grabbed it. It was cold to the touch, and she even felt the thing squirming in her hand…

When she realized what it was, she felt her hair. stand on end. A snake? Why are there snakes here?

She was so frightened that she shot to her feet as the blood in her body seemingly turned into ice, and even her mind and lips began to feel numb. The thing she feared most were snakes.

Standing motionlessly in place, she felt the cold texture of the snakes coming into contact with her legs. Anna tried to stand against the wall, but she couldn’t move her body, not even a single step!

Her heart was beating like a drum as she could feel that there were many snakes on the ground. From time to time, the snakes would crawl over her feet.

It was certainly strange that no snake approached her when she first came in. Now that the surroundings were quiet, she could clearly hear the rustling sounds made by the snakes crawling on the ground.

She was wondering whether she had to stand like this the whole time whenever she felt a snake crawling up her thigh. She was so frightened that she yelled and stomped frantically, but the snake stayed on her body and didn’t fall off while even trying to climb up higher.

Anna instinctively grabbed the snake and threw it away. The snake even writhed fiercely in her hand, causing her hair to stand on end as she cried out in fright.

She kept stomping her feet, not daring to stop at all as she was worried that the snakes would climb up again. However, because of this, many of the innocent snakes had been trampled on.

The soft and cold sensation under her feet caused her to tense up while goosebumps spread all over her body. While continuously crying for help, Anna hoped that those people would give her a quick death!

All of a sudden, the lights in the small dark room brightened, which startled Anna. She hid near the wall at once, as if this would give her a sense of security.

If she had feared the unknown earlier, she was now able to see it all clearly. There were at least dozens of snakes in the room of less than ten square meters. The snakes were of different lengths, thicknesses, and colors-it creeped her out even more.

She could clearly see that the snakes seemed to have been triggered, as they raised half of their bodies and stared at her. It seemed like they would attack her anytime.

Her heart was thumping violently and she couldn’t take it anymore. All of a sudden, the snakes seemed to have received an instruction as they attacked her all at once! Anna’s pupils dilated and she yelled in fright before she collapsed on the spot.

At this moment, Eugene had already arrived and he was seated in the surveillance room to monitor the room with the snakes. Isn’t she supposed to be tough? Isn’t she not afraid of death? Go on and try then. We’ll see who’s more patient.

When he saw that Anna had fallen to the ground, he ordered, ‘Bring her out!” The bodyguard immediately responded and entered the room full of snakes to carry her out.

Anna was completely unconscious and she didn’t even wake up when the bodyguard threw her onto the ground. Without a trace of sympathy, Eugene stared at Anna, whose face was pale after seemingly having lost all its color.

His mind was filled with the scene of Olivia squatting on the ground after being frightened by the group of beggars, of how she had raised her head and looked at him with blank eyes after learning that her son was poisoned and in danger.

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