Super Wife’s Three Babies chapter 606

His grandson had been wronged for so many years. Now that he had a wife and children, it was only natural that he had to make plans for them. What other reasons could he use to suppress them?

After all, what went around would come around! When Edward returned home, he told Lara what happened in the Nolan Residence. However, Lara’s mind was a little occupied as she somehow had the feeling that things were going too smoothly.

Moreover, she just learned that Samantha was missing. Eugene didn’t kidnap her, did he? Does he know that Anna is Samantha? If he knew that Samantha was actually Anna, then he could easily guess that Lara was the mastermind.

She suddenly felt a chill down her spine, which gave her a creepy feeling. Perhaps she would find out more! When Edward saw that Lara was silent for a long time, he asked, “What’s the matter?”

It was only at that moment when Lara returned to her senses. Edward couldn’t know about this matter, so she responded vaguely, “It’s nothing. I just don’t understand what Old Man Nolan means. Why does he want us to wait for another three days?”

He took no notice of it. “Perhaps he wants to wait for Eugene. After all, the old man is terribly fond of him.” Lara still had a feeling that something was wrong, so she clarified, “Did you see Eugene today?” Edward answered, ‘Nope. Old Man Nolan came out before I went in.”

“How was his mood?” “It looks like he cried. His eyelashes were wet and Olivia was even taking care of him.”

When she heard this, her heart thumped. If Merlin cried, that meant that he was crying for Eugene, which meant that Eugene’s situation wasn’t too optimistic.

Lara just hoped that in these three days, she could hear some bad news about Eugene! She reminded Edward, “For the past two days, I’ve sent someone to keep an eye on the hospital, but you have to be proactive too. You must make sure that the shareholders support you!”

Edward assured her, “Yes, don’t worry.” Eugene and Olivia had reconciled and North’s condition was improving day after day, so Eugene was in an indescribably good mood.

When his grandfather came to see him that day, Eugene had told him the truth and asked Merlin to buy him another three days for the sake of their safety.

This way, he would be able to retrieve almost all the evidence from his investigation, and after dealing with Lara, they could spend New Year’s Day in peace.

He had to head out today, but in addition to his own bodyguards, Lara’s spies were also at the door-something that he also needed to avoid.

So, he called Brian. When he arrived at the hospital, he exchanged clothes with Brian before leaving the hospital as the man himself. He went out right under the noses of the people whom Lara had sent over.

Those people assumed that Eugene wasn’t going to make it, so even though they were keeping watch, they weren’t paying much attention. They just thought that Brian had gone out and didn’t doubt it at all.

Anna has been locked up in the basement of Ruby Palace since she was caught. Not only had she not eaten for two to three days, she had also received a number of whips..

They had locked her earlier in a dark room with no light whatsoever; it was probably because they were tired from whipping her, but what was strange was that they had removed her shoes.

As she sat on the ground, she breathed a sigh of relief. At least she didn’t have to be beaten. anymore. However, compared to Olivia being scorned by millions, she already felt like she did not suffer much after receiving only a few lashes.

Now, everyone probably knew that Olivia slept with a beggar and they even had a b*stard together. That scoundrel, Eugene, and all those who favored Olivia, must die. Wasn’t that a great thing?

Even if Olivia were to die, it was worth it to exchange one life for three of their lives!

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