Super Wife’s Three Babies chapter 604

Kate burst into laughter. “Do you have to be so biased?” Olivia smiled. “Of course! You’re my best friend!” “Nathan will be so angry if he hears that,” Kate said. As soon as she spoke, a male voice sounded. “I’m not angry.”

The two of them looked over and saw Nathan standing at the door with his arm hanging by his side. His eyes were also filled with distress. “Kate, I’m sorry. I was afraid that you’ll be upset. to see me here, so I asked you to go back. I’m the one who broke your heart. You can beat me up and scold me, as long as it makes you feel better.”

She was shocked and didn’t even listen to his words as her eyebrows furrowed tightly. “Why did you come out? Didn’t you hear what the doctor said earlier?” With that, she hurriedly went over to help him. Nathan obediently followed her back and walked while saying, “I’m fine. I didn’t touch my arm at all.”

When Olivia saw that the two of them were getting along just fine, a small smile appeared. on her face as she figured that she didn’t need to head into the ward to talk to him anymore.

The next day, after Lara had managed to douse Edward’s temper, he went straight to the Nolan Residence. However, Old Man Nolan wasn’t home. The servant told Edward that Merlin had gone to the hospital early in the morning to visit Eugene.

He waited in the house for a while. The moment he thought of leaving, he received a call from Lara. “I heard that Old Man Nolan went to the hospital to visit Eugene?” Edward answered as he walked, “Yeah. I didn’t know that until I arrived here.”

Lara said, “Then, you should go over and have a look.” Edward didn’t want to go as he was a little afraid to see Eugene lying on the hospital bed. “What else is there to see? Haven’t I already seen everything?”

“Since Old Man Nolan has already gone there, you, as a father, should head over and show some concern too.”

He reluctantly agreed and drove to the hospital. The hospital was still heavily guarded, and just like yesterday, he was stopped by bodyguards. as soon as he arrived.

Edward was livid as he snapped, “You stopped me yesterday, yet you’re stopping me again. today. Do I have to get your approval to visit my son?”

The bodyguard lowered his head and replied, “Mr. Edward, we’re just following orders. That’s what President Nolan has ordered us to do.”

“He’s already bedridden, yet he still can give you orders?’ Edward fumed, “Are you only going to let me in when he’s about to die?”

The moment he spoke, the door of the ward was opened to reveal Merlin walking out. His eyes were slightly moist, and he was livid as he pointed at Edward and yelled, ‘Is that what you should say as a father?”

Edward responded, “Dad, I’m also worried about Eugene’s condition.” Merlin grunted. “Didn’t Dr. Maxwell tell us to not disturb him? He needs to rest. Yet, you’re out here yelling like this?”

Following behind was Olivia, who spoke to Merlin instead of greeting Edward. ‘Master Merlin, take care.” Merlin replied, “I will. You can go back and take good care of Rocky. She nodded. “Okay.”

Then, she retreated inside and the door of the ward was closed once again while he stumbled out. Edward wasn’t concerned about seeing Eugene anymore as he hurriedly caught up with the old man.

It was when they were at the Nolan Residence that Edward finally showed some concern. “Dad, have you seen Eugene? How is he? Is he okay?”

Merlin replied indifferently, “He’s okay!” The corners of Edward’s mouth twitched. “Did the doctor say when he’ll make a full recovery?” “What’s the hurry?” Merlin snapped. “He’ll slowly recover!”

“That’s true. He should take his time. Didn’t Dr. Maxwell say that he’s allergic? Have they found the allergen?”

Merlin answered, “No.”

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