Super Wife’s Three Babies chapter 602

Nathan smiled. Can’t get away from work? She just doesn’t know how to face me. All of a sudden, he felt a little distressed and he said hoarsely, “Okay.”

Kate glanced at him, and her heart that had been lifted up was quietly lowered. After all, she knew very well that Melanie had lived in his house before. It was just as likely that she had even slept on their bed as well, so Kate really didn’t want to return there.

After placing the things on the table, she sat on his hospital bed, picked up a serving of pigs in a blanket with the utensils, and brought it to Nathan’s lips. “These are pigs in a blanket from Paragon. You haven’t eaten them for a long time, right?”

Everything she did was so natural that it felt like she was used to it, but the more that Kate did so, the more Nathan felt like a jerk. He opened his mouth and ate the dish.

Maybe it was because he hadn’t eaten it for a long time or he was being fed by Kate, but her suddenly felt that the pigs in a blanket were delicious.

He looked at her and said, “I haven’t felt this way for a long time. I was once sick and hospitalized in a coma for three days. You took care of me just like this too. When I woke up, I almost didn’t recognize you because you were even more haggard than me. Do you remember the first thing I said to you?”

She was stunned. Why wouldn’t she remember? He said that she was a fool. You even asked whether you should start calling me ‘dummy’ from tomorrow onward. How could you not know how to sleep?

At that time, Kate thought that he cared about her and felt sorry for her. However, later on, when she saw the way Nathan spoke to Melanie, it was only then that she knew that he was a smooth-talker!

His tone of concern and distress was not like this. At that time, Nathan only looked down on her habitually and didn’t want to talk to her nicely. What was he trying to say by bringing this up?

Did he want to remind her of how stupid she was? Or, did he want to show how smart he was? That he could easily deceive her for so many years? To the point where she couldn’t let it go-even until now?

There was a self-deprecating smile on the, corner of Kate’s lips, but her voice was unusually indifferent. “I don’t remember.”

When he heard her answer, Nathan was immediately speechless. He stared at her, and when he saw her expression, his face sank while he felt a little nervous. What did he just say? Did his words agitate her? “I’m sorry…”

His careful apology made her even more uncomfortable. She knew that he probably didn’t say it to show off and maybe he only wanted to retrieve their shared memories, but she really didn’t want to recall anything that she did for him in the past like a fool and a joke!

Nathan didn’t know what to say. He was worried that if he couldn’t say something right, it would make her unhappy again while Kate simply didn’t want to say anything. So, the two remained silent and an awkward atmosphere persisted between them..

All of a sudden, a phone rang. She turned on the phone and glanced at it-it was Jasper. She answered, “Hello?” Jasper’s voice came from the phone. “Katie, where are you? I’m at your door!” Kate said, “I’m in the hospital.”

“The hospital? What’s wrong with you?”

When she listened to Jasper’s nervous voice, she smiled and said, “I’m fine. I’m here for a friend.” “Oh, you scared me to death. So, when are you coming back?”

“Why are you looking for me at this time?” “I was on a business trip some time ago, and just heard about what that b*stard Howard did to you. So, I was naturally worried and wanted to see you. Which hospital are you at? I’ll just come and look for you.”

Kate glanced at Nathan subconsciously while listening to the man’s concern and suggested, “Don’t come here, I’m fine. I’ll call you when I get back tomorrow.”

Jasper reluctantly replied, ‘Okay. Then, make sure you call me when you come back.”

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