Super Wife’s Three Babies chapter 600

Olivia took it and wrote on a blank piece of paper. ’20 grams of ginseng, 15 grams of Ophiopogon japonicus, 20 grams of kudzu, 15 grams of Dendrobium, 15 grams of Poria. The otolaryngologist was stunned. Does this woman actually understand medicine? These are all medicines for nourishing one’s throat. “Are you a doctor?”

She glanced at the doctor as she wrote the prescription. “I am a TCM doctor.” “No wonder. Do you think her throat can be healed?” As she opined at the CT scan, she opined, “Look, her vocal cords are not completely damaged. I think they will be cured slowly!”

The doctor nodded in agreement. “Well, we can try it. Alternative medicine is broad and profound, and there may be miracles.” Soon, Olivia wrote the prescription and took it directly to the Department of Alternative Medicine to get the medicine. Jewel’s eyes were full of hope as she typed on her cell phone. ‘Is it really possible?”

In response, Olivia smiled. “Trust me.” After that, Jewel nodded fiercely. When she saw Jewel’s reaction, Olivia continued to look at her and added, “But you have to be prepared. Your throat has been injured for too long, so it’ll be a slow recovery. This process may take several months, or even half a year.” Jewel nodded again.

After the two grabbed the medicine, Olivia asked Jewel while walking back, “Are you used to living alone? If you are not used to it, just move in and live with me.”

How could Jewel be that dumb to move in with Olivia and Eugene? She nodded her head. Since Eugene had arranged for her to live on the 58th floor, it was obvious that he did not want her to disturb them. So, how could she be so ignorant?

“How long did Alex stay at your place last night?” As the two were walking, Jewel couldn’t type and made a sleeping gesture instead. Olivia was amazed. ‘He only left when you were about to go to sleep?”

Jewel nodded and made a chasing gesture with a disgusted expression. Since she could understand Jewel’s sign language, Olivia laughed. “You can’t drive him away, can you?”

Jewel slightly lowered and raised head, as if she wanted to incline in agreement. Then, Olivia added with a smile, “He’s a good man who is funny and humorous when he speaks too. As a friend, there’s nothing wrong with him.”

If Alex were to be a boyfriend, there were some things she might have to consider. He was a man who changed girlfriends as though he was changing clothes. Even Olivia was not sure whether he was suitable for Jewel.

After Jewel nodded, she realized that she had discovered a lot of things about Alex, following their interaction for that week. Although she wouldn’t consider him a friend, she was already familiar with him, so she wouldn’t treat him like a villain but would always be vigilant around him.

On the other side of the hospital, Kate accompanied Nathan to take another X-ray scan of his arm, but the result was like what she had guessed-it turned out to be a more serious injury.

It was originally just a bone fracture, but after she had landed on him in that incident, it caused the bone to be dislocated as well. After listening to the doctor’s words, Kate still took a deep breath and hurriedly asked, “What should we do, Doctor? Does he need surgery?”

The doctor pointed to the scan and recommended, “Fortunately, there are no signs of bone fragmentation. Now there are two methods. One is conservative treatment, which is actually external manipulation, and the other is direct surgical treatment.”

Kate looked at Nathan. He was such a smug person; he definitely wouldn’t want to leave a scar on his arm. “Doctor, do you think you can give him the conservative treatment first?”

The doctor glanced at Nathan, indicating that he wanted to know Nathan’s opinion. Nathan gazed at Kate with a smile. “We’ll go with what she said.” At this point, he even felt that he had sustained his injuries in a timely manner and it seemed like she had started to care for him again.

Kate observed him. If he had said this before, she would have been overjoyed, but now that she heard it, it was a tad bit ironic. The doctor responded, “Then, come with me for the anesthetic first.”

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