Super Wife’s Three Babies chapter 599

When Kate saw Eugene and Olivia again, she immediately felt the subtle changes between them. Although they didn’t speak and Olivia didn’t even look at Eugene, they both radiated a sweet atmosphere.

“Jewel, why are you here?” Olivia was surprised to see Jewel. Kate explained on Jewel’s behalf with a smile, “She’s worried, so I brought her over and I’ll send her back later.” Olivia grinned. “I’m fine. North is okay too.”

Jewel nodded and sat directly in front of North’s hospital bed to touch his little face in distress. As Olivia also knew that Jewel couldn’t speak, North hurriedly soothed, “Don’t worry, Ms. Jewel. We are all fine!”

Kate said, “You guys are alright, but we were almost in trouble. When we were on the way here, we were besieged by five big men. Luckily, Jewel was around. Otherwise, Nathan and I won’t be here right now.” Olivia was startled. “Someone really tried to rob you?”

“Yes!” Kate replied, “You jinxed it!”

After that, Olivia hurriedly asked, “Where did it happen?” How could she have thought that someone would rob them? The reason why she had previously said that was only because she wanted to matchmake Kate and Nathan. Who would have known that her words actually turned into a prophecy?

Kate answered, “In the underground garage, but it seems like they were targeting Nathan.” When Eugene heard this, he frowned slightly, “What kind of people are they? Are they anyone from the Nolan Family?”

Nathan said, “There were only five men, and I have never seen them before. They were all unfamiliar faces.” Then, Jewel typed on her cell phone. ‘All of them had tattoos on their wrists. I think it was a tiger head.’

Once she was done typing, she handed her phone to Eugene. The man’s eyes narrowed immediately. “They are members of The Quintets.” Nathan was incredulous. “Why are the people from The Quintets trying to kidnap me?”

“To threaten me,” Eugene answered. “Tres is in my hands.”

At that, Nathan opened his mouth and wanted to say that they had really located the right person, but how effective would he be as a hostage to threaten Eugene? If they really wanted to threaten Eugene, then they should at least kidnap Olivia! What did they think that kidnapping me would do?

Little did he know that his uncle’s next words were even more heartbreaking. “They know they can’t catch Olivia, so they have shifted their target to you.”

Immediately, Nathan was speechless. Did this mean that I’m easier to catch than Olivia? He glanced at his injured arm that he was holding. Well, I guess it is easier to catch me now…

Kate glanced at him. “Let’s go and get your arm checked first!” An obedient Nathan replied, “Okay.” After the two left, Olivia also looked at Jewel and said, “Since you have come to the hospital too, I’ll bring you to check on your throat.”

Jewel shook her head and typed on her mobile device. ‘No, no need. I’m already used to it. After all, what’s the difference between a few more days? You should take care of the child.

As Olivia read the message, she broke into a smile and noted, “It’s fine. Eugene is here.” Eugene immediately responded, “Yeah, I’m right here. You both should head off.”

Jewel glanced at Eugene apologetically before she followed Olivia out. When they arrived at the otolaryngology department, Jewel took a CT scan before the otolaryngologist checked it again before asking her to try to make a little sound.

She tried her best to do so, but she couldn’t make a sound at all. The otolaryngologist shook his head in regret. “Her vocal cords are severely damaged, which makes it a difficult recovery unless a miracle happens.”

When she listened to the doctor’s words, Jewel did not appear very pessimistic and seemed to have accepted this reality in resignation.

However, Olivia didn’t want to just accept Jewel’s fate. She took the CT scan and looked at it before she casually asked, “What about visiting the TCM doctor?”

The doctor still shook his head. “It’s extremely difficult for her to recover.” In the next second, Olivia asked, “Can you lend me your pen for a while?” He was confused, but he still handed the pen in his hand to her.

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