Super Wife’s Three Babies chapter 598

Lara walked over and sat beside Edward. “Did you see Eugene?” When he noticed some movements beside him, Edward was stunned for a moment. He soon reacted, nodded and replied, “I did.”

Then, she asked, ‘How is he?” He answered, “Not very good. It seems that he has experienced something painful. His face is haggard and is still in a coma.”

Immediately, Lara was overjoyed when she heard his words, but she still pretended to sigh. “We were always worried that he would turn against us, but we definitely didn’t expect him to fall like this.”

Edward also sighed in his heart. Yes, I always thought that there would be a real contest between us, so how could he topple over so easily? This felt really bad.

It was grief-strickening, but it was not really. either. After all, they were not like those families who had a strong father-son relationship. If he were to say that he was not sad at all, though, it was not the case either. In fact, he felt empty in his heart for some reason, as if he couldn’t accept what had happened to Eugene.

When he did not speak further, she asked, “Then, what do we do next? We still need to look for Dad so that we can introduce a leader to the company as soon as possible.”

Edward had still lacked interest even after hearing Lara’s proposal. “We should just wait. What if Eugene turns out to be okay?”

Lara began to persuade Edward, “I know that he is your son. No matter what you say, I know that you are still distressed about what happened to him, but think about it-Eugene’s illness is definitely not something insignificant, otherwise it is impossible for the doctors to stop us from visiting. So, even if he can recover, we can’t be certain how long it would take for him to even get better.

How can such a big company be left unmanaged? Besides, though we can afford to wait, others may not be able to. The company is in your hands. When Eugene comes back, you can return it to him, but if the company falls into the hands of others, do you think they will hand it back to Eugene when he recovers?”

The man said nothing. Then, she continued, “This position originally belongs to you. Dad gave the position of the head of the family to Eugene in a fit of anger because of your marriage to me. I have always felt that I owe you for this matter, so I have been planning and calculating to help you get your position back.

When I get it back for you, whomever you would like to give it to, that’s none of my business anymore. Until then, I don’t have to always think about it anymore.” Edward took Lara’s hand. “Aw, you dummy. You

are my darling and the woman whom I love the most. I have done everything for you willingly, so I don’t blame you. Besides, you saved my life. How do you want me to pay you back?”

Lara replied, “Those are two totally different things. I only hope you will be better after you have me, instead of giving up something for me. If you do, I will feel guilty for it. Now that Eugene’s life is hanging in the balance, it’s only when you stay in this position that you can hold the position for him. Isn’t Dad the most fond of Eugene? You can just tell him what I told you, and as long as we have the support of the old man, we can win the position of the head of family.

He clarified, “Eugene has just entered the hospital, yet we are already going to force the old man to give up the position. Wouldn’t it make people think that we are trying to usurp the position of the head of the Nolan Family?”

His response caused her to frown slightly. “How can this be considered as forcing? We are just telling the truth. You have also seen Eugene’s situation. He will not be able to leave the hospital for a while. What is Nolan Group going to do without a leader? Dad is the founder of the company, and I bet he wouldn’t want to see the Nolan Group declining because of Eugene’s illness, right?”

When he heard Lara’s explanation, Edward thought about it and figured that it was reasonable. “Then, I’ll go and see Old Man Nolan tomorrow.” On the other end, Kate, Nathan and Jewel had already arrived at the hospital.

Nathan kept holding onto his injured arm while Kate was thinking about his injury, but she too was worried that Jewel would not be able to find a ward for him. After pondering for a while, she figured that she should send Jewel in first.

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