Super Wife’s Three Babies chapter 597

The hands that held him were so strong that it caused the man to seethe in pain before he looked in horror at Jewel grabbing him. When he turned his head, he saw an indifferent thin, tall girl donning short hair standing beside him with a cold light in her eyes.

“L-Let me go!” the man said. However, after he said this, Jewel directly threw him out. However, how could the other five to six strong men leave just like this? So, the remaining four men all swarmed up to her at once.

When she saw this, she immediately greeted them. She raised her foot and kicked the man who had just charged toward her. The impact from that kick had sent the man flying three meters away. The other men immediately grabbed Nathan while they were all caught in a fight. After all, the main target was Nathan.

Kate was like a mother hen protecting its chick when she stood in front of Nathan. She raised the bag in her hand and smashed it on the other person’s head, but she wasn’t skillful enough. After she whacked the assailant twice, he immediately snatched the bag from her hand, lifted his foot and kicked her.

She was repeatedly kicked backward, When this happened, Nathan instinctively tried to shield her. Although he couldn’t move one arm, he still used his entire body and all his strength to protect her as she was about to fall.

If he wasn’t injured, it would be fine. Now that his arm was injured, Nathan, who was already in pain when he took the fall with Kate, took a deep breath and tried his best to endure the additional agony in silence.

As she fell on top of him, she still heard his low gasp. So, she hurriedly got up from him and went to check his injuries. “Are you alright?” Nathan instinctively covered his injured arm while tolerating the pain and replied, “Yes, I’m fine.”

At this time, Jewel had already dealt with the two men who attacked her earlier and immediately came to Kate and Nathan’s support. With Jewel’s help, the two men who targeted Nathan were quickly beaten back.

The five men looked at the skinny woman-how was she so powerful? After being kicked by her once, they already found it difficult to recover and stand on their feet.

Although they were confused, they did not dare to go up against her again. They then helped their two accomplices on the ground to their feet before fleeing in a hurry.

It was only at that moment when Jewel looked at Nathan and asked how they were doing with her gaze. Kate answered, “We’re fine, but Nathan’s injured arm may be in trouble. Let’s quickly go to the hospital.”

Jewel nodded in response, after which they immediately boarded the car. Once they were in the car, Nathan looked at Jewel. “Thank you for just now. Without you, those people would have taken me away.”

She shook her head, indicating that there was no need to thank her. Kate also looked at her with curiosity. “So, you know martial arts? You were amazing back there.”

Jewel smiled. Then, Kate asked again, “Did you study with Olivia?” To that, Jewel nodded again. “No wonder! You are much more powerful than her, though,” Kate ruthlessly complained. “Olivia doesn’t seem to be suitable for close contact attacks; she is more suitable for long range attacks.”

Jewel nodded for the third time with a smile. Nathan sat in the passenger seat and looked at Kate avidly. No matter how ruthless her words were to him, she still couldn’t bear to leave him at his most critical moment.

It was obvious that she could have just ignored him earlier, but she still stood in front of him to protect him in the end. What a fool. No matter what others called her, she would always be a fool in his heart. He had disappointed her so much, so how could he deserve everything she had done for him?

At Edward’s house. Lara looked at Edward, who had fallen into a daze again. Ever since he came back, he had been so restless and she was naturally a little unhappy in her heart. However, she also knew that this was not the time to care about such trivial matters..

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