Super Wife’s Three Babies chapter 596

Jewel stepped aside and let them in. However, Kate was puzzled. She remembered that there were people living on the 58th floor.

Eugene is willing to do anything for Olivia, Kate thought to herself. The man had actually driven the original residents away just to give Olivia’s friend a place to stay. In spite of that, Olivia, the heartless woman, still suspected if he really fancied her or not. Comparison really makes my life seem depressing! Kate exclaimed inwardly.

Kate entered through the door and surveyed the surroundings before she asked, “You know that Olivia is at the hospital, do you?” Jewel met her gaze and nodded, which aroused Kate’s suspicion. Why is this girl not speaking?

However, Kate dropped her curiosity and stated, “I’m here to tell you that both North and Olivia are fine, but they probably have to stay in the hospital for a few more days. There’s no need to worry about them.”

Jewel nodded in understanding and took out her phone to type. ‘Do you know which hospital they are admitted to?” “You can’t speak?” Kate glanced at Jewel in astonishment, to which the latter nodded.

Kate mumbled to herself, “No wonder Olivia insisted on us making a trip here.” Then, she said, “How about this-we will be heading over to the hospital shortly. I’m here to get some clothes for Olivia. If you want to go and visit her, you can come along with us. Just wait for a while; Nathan can take you back here when he returns.”

Jewel nodded in delight. Kate continued, “Would you like to wait for us here or follow us to Olivia’s place to get some stuff?” Jewel typed her reply on her phone. “I’ll follow you guys. Kate nodded and responded, “Sure. You can get ready and we’ll leave then!’

In response, Jewel put on a jacket and gestured to Kate that she was ready to leave, which surprised Kate as she didn’t expect Jewel’s preparation to leave the house would be so simple-unlike Kate, who had to wear makeup and change her clothes to ensure that she appeared fashionable in public. “Alright. Let’s go!” Kate said with a chuckle..

The few of them then headed over to Olivia’s place and placed two sets of clothing into a bag before departing. However, when they arrived at the basement carpark, five or six men dressed in black suddenly popped up from the corner and charged at them without uttering a word.

To be precise, they were charging at Nathan. Nathan, whose right hand was still in a cast, instinctively used his left hand to resist, but another man in black lunged himself at him.

Kate’s head went blank. Is Olivia’s suspicion correct? she thought. At the same time, she quickly stepped forward, pulled Nathan over and stood between him and the men. As they slowly pulled back, she asked, “Who are you guys? What do you want?”

The man, who failed to capture Nathan, instantly wore a ferocious expression and snarled, “This has nothing to do with you! We just want him to come with us. If you insist on going against us, don’t blame us for doing this the rough way.”

Kate narrowed her eyes at that. She would be lying if she said that she wasn’t terrified at that moment, but she couldn’t allow the men to grab Nathan. “What’s the purpose of all this? Don’t you know who he is?”

The man impatiently snapped, “If we don’t know his identity, why would we capture him?” Then, he extended his arm to shove Kate aside. “Do you have a death wish?!”

It was a rare occasion to see Kate protecting Nathan, and it gave the latter a feeling that he hadn’t experienced for a long time. However, he knew that he shouldn’t put her at risk because of him. And so, he grabbed her by her hand and shouted at the gang of men, ‘Don’t touch her! I’ll go with you guys!”

Upon hearing that, Kate was so mad that she wished that she could strangle Nathan. “Are you insane? You don’t know what they are going to do and yet, you are willing to go with them?”

Nathan smiled. “But I can’t hide behind you and see you risk your safety for me!” The gang of men exchanged glances with one another, shocked by the sudden affectionate air around them. One of the men stepped forward to push Kate aside but before his hand even landed on her, his wrist was caught by someone.

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