Super Wife’s Three Babies chapter 595

Gwen was one of the members of their game development team. During the time when the game was still being developed, Nathan did not have an office, so the team members would often go to his house to work. Hence, he reckoned that Gwen wanted to see him now because she had encountered some issues in the game.

At that moment, Nathan wasn’t bothered to ask. Gwen about it. Instead, the first thing he did was to turn to Kate. He noticed that Kate had a deadpan expression and she didn’t seem unhappy at all.

However, he knew that she was actually mad when she courteously said to him, “I’ll wait for you over there.” Ignoring Gwen, a frightened Nathan immediately went after Kate and explained, “Kate, she’s one of the members of the game development team. There’s nothing going on between us!”

Kate responded with a question in a seemingly casual manner, “Why are you explaining this to me?”

Upon hearing that, Nathan continued to explain in a fluster, “I’m worried that you may misunderstand me. Last time, we happened to bump into each other at the restaurant too!”

She darted at him with a cold look. “What did I misunderstand? You and I are not related to each other in any way, so you don’t have to inform me about your girlfriend or any details about your love life. I only have one condition, which is to not tell me everything. I’m not that concerned about you!”

With that, Kate walked straight into the elevator, leaving Nathan rooted to his spot for a while. In the end, he dashed into the lift seconds before the lift doors slid closed.

He secretly sneaked a peek at Kate and helplessly sighed. “Kate, am I really that unforgivable?” Kate kept quiet. As a matter of fact, she herself was distressed about the situation as well.

The two of them remained silent. Just as the lift arrived at the fifth floor, Gwen called. Nathan subconsciously frowned and there was a look of disgust on his face. “Hello?”

Gwen’s voice rang out. “Nate, where did you go? Aren’t you going home?” Nathan replied, “Gwen, please stop participating in the game development. You don’t need to come tomorrow.”

“What’s wrong?” She sounded shocked as she asked, “Did I do anything wrong?” “Nothing. It’s my problem. I’ll give you an extra month’s salary as compensation.”

As Nathan was about to hang up the call, Gwen’s flustered voice stopped him. “Hold on! Nate, do you really think that my aim in working for you is to earn a monthly salary of 18,000?”

As soon as she said that, Nathan could more or less guess what she was going to say next. He instantly killed the call and cast Kate a glance in guilt.

Kate seemed calm, but she was actually able to listen to their conversation clearly. After all, they were in such a confined space and the voice from the other end of the call wasn’t exactly soft.

However, she kept quiet. Just like what Olivia had mentioned, it was natural for an outstanding man like Nathan to have countless women pursuing him, but Kate still felt a little disappointed somehow.

Nathan reminded her of the kind of men who cheated on their partners, but declared that it was the other women who had seduced them in the first place. Yet, in Kate’s opinion, if the men did not give a chance to the other women, they wouldn’t be able to seduce the men either.

Nonetheless, Kate was aware that she was in no position, nor did she have the power, to say such words to Nathan. Hence, all she could do was to feel disappointed. The two of them went to the 58th floor.

Kate pressed on the door bell and someone answered the door after the bell rang for a while. Standing before Kate was a short-haired woman who seemed both pretty and valiant. She was staring at the visitors with eyes that contained a hint of aggressiveness, but she refused to utter even a word.

Kate immediately said, “Ah-Jewel Fenton, I presume?” Jewel looked at them in puzzlement and nodded. Kate continued, “I’m Olivia’s best friend. She asked me to come over here because she has a message that she wished for me to convey to you. May we come in?”

It was only then did it dawn upon Jewel that Kate was Olivia’s friend. The realization made her drop the aggressiveness in her gaze.

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