Super Wife’s Three Babies chapter 593

Olivia was enraged but she wasn’t able to break free from him, so all she could do was to glare at him. “Do you know what you did wrong?”

Eugene embraced her tightly. “My mistakes were that I shouldn’t have lost you and caused so many of our son’s plans to go down the drain. On top of that, I shouldn’t have allowed things to come to this point before admitting the truth to you. I’m glad that you were the woman that night. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have such a bright and adorable son.”

Olivia gasped at his words and nearly choked on air. “You wanted to be with me because you found out that I was the woman back then?”

He gave it some thought before replying, “I doubt so. Truth be told, I didn’t have any woman beside me ever since I spent that night with you. Although we missed each other seven years ago, I still fell in love with you now after many years. This proved that my love for you is not affected by any external elements. It is all because that person is you. Still, I have to admit that the external elements have indeed accelerated the pace of me falling in love with you, but that certainly wasn’t the main reason I fell for you!”

Upon hearing that, Olivia pursed her lips and smiled. As a matter of fact, both questions were actually trick questions. She didn’t want him to like her because of the child, nor because he wanted to make it up to her for the incident seven years ago.

If Eugene were to be in a relationship with her because of those reasons, it would make their relationship impure. Fortunately, she was satisfied with the answer given by him. She glared at the man coquettishly and purred, “You and your sweet mouth!”

Upon seeing that, Eugene felt that he would be able to make her happy again very soon. Feeling excited by that thought, he leaned in and pecked her forehead, causing her to raise her hand and hit him. “Stop acting so shamelessly! You are still under probation!”

He gently avoided her hand and embraced her, as if he was comforting an angry kitten. “Alright, I’m under probation. Both my heart and body belong to my girlfriend, so I’m not worried about being under probation. You are free to test me anytime.”

She stared at him, feeling mad yet amused, then darted him a glare. Eugene, however, suddenly wore a straight. face. “Olivia, thank you for your forgiveness. I know that you had a hard time all these years and even gave birth to North despite the hardship. From today onward, North and you will have me by your sides.

I’ll slowly make up to you in the days to come.” With his arms wrapped around her, Eugene said that with his heart full of emotions, not having a trace of evil thought. Olivia was rendered speechless. How did I suddenly make up with him without me realizing it?

At that thought, she glared at him. “Did I say that I forgive you?”

Eugene then chuckled. “The way I admitted my mistakes is full of sincerity, so you should be satisfied after punishing me for a couple of days, considering the fact that even sinners who admit their mistakes will be given a reduction in sentence. Besides, I kept thinking about you and our son last night and I couldn’t sleep at all. Don’t you feel distressed for me?”

Olivia pouted. He sounded as if I managed to fall asleep last night. “Alright. Since you took the initiative to explain yourself, let’s make it three days!”

Eugene was confused. “What do you mean by three days?” She snorted arrogantly. “Don’t show your face before me for three days.” Then, she pushed him away.

“Three more days?” Eugene extended his hands to hold hers but Olivia stared at him as she countered, “Didn’t you just say that anything but a breakup or ignoring you are viable options?

What’s wrong? Are you going to eat your words?” Eugene was frustrated, his expression as dark as night. I didn’t know that she had such a sharp tongue!

Suddenly, a light chuckle came from the bed. Olivia looked in that direction and saw that North had woken up. She smiled and walked up to him. “Are you awake?”

North laughed as he commented, “Mommy, have you made up with Uncle Eugene?” Olivia darted Eugene a glare and answered, “No, he is still under observation.”

Eugene was at a loss for words. North looked at Eugene and laughed. “You have to thank my godmother for that.” His words stunned Eugene. “Kate? For what?”

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