Super Wife’s Three Babies chapter 592

Caught speechless, Olivia finally knew why North liked Eugene so much. It was because the child had known the truth and hidden it from her for a long time. But how did the little rascal know that Eugene was his father?

If it was by looking into the past events, she wouldn’t be too shocked at this, as the Will-o’- Wisp Headquarters could track just about anything. What surprised her was how he knew Olivia was deceiving him when she had been telling him his father had died all this time.

Looking suspiciously at the little fellow, Olivia only thought that her son was too smart. Then, she asked Eugene, “So you proceeded to do the paternity test behind my back after that?”

“It’s not me that wanted it,” Eugene explained. “It was Grandpa that found out something was up. Remember when he was sick? That was when he investigated North’s origin and was hurt by Lara and the others once they caught wind of his actions. But, Grandpa already knew the whole truth, so in my part of the will, he had also included the result of the test in it!”

This made Olivia realize the whole story. No wonder the old man would always ask about North and praise that I brought him up well! Maybe he already knew by then.

He really is sharp. “Then, did you get together with me because of the child?”  Frowning, Eugene wondered why such a question would be asked, “No. When I found our son, he made me promise to not fight over his custody. He even said that if I won, he wouldn’t follow me and would fight with me instead.”

Up to this point, he laughed. “You don’t know the amount of rules he set on me. He said that I had to like you unconditionally, can’t force you to do anything, can’t make you sad and can’t flirt with other women. He even said that I had to be patient in courting you since you’ve been hurt before.” Surprised, Olivia asked again, “He said all that?”

Nodding, Eugene continued, “Yep. He said that I was his biological father, and could you guess how I felt back then? After failing to find you for seven years, I suddenly not only had a wife, but a kid too. The most important fact was that I liked you two a lot. Besides waves of exhilaration washing over me, I also had goosebumps all over too. Even though sitting opposite of me was a child that was only six or seven years old, it was more akin to negotiating with a bigshot. Honestly, I was all nervous and shocked.”

Hearing this, Olivia mumbled, “I had always treated him as a child. I never thought that his thoughts would run so deep.” “Yup, we sure have a smart son.” Dotingly, Eugene said, “Just like you!”

Before Olivia could reply, she found that the man already stood in front of her. At that, she pushed him away. “That’s my son.” Defeatedly, Eugene said coaxingly, “He’s all yours and I won’t fight for him. Then can I be yours too?”

“Nope!” Olivia pushed him away. Seeing that she wasn’t really angry, Eugene came closer again and teased, “I think I’m quite eligible. My looks are passable, my figure is quite nice, I don’t need you to maintain my current state.

The most important thing is that… I’m quite capable, if you know what I mean.” At first, Olivia did agree with him. It was only until the last sentence that she saw his face did not imply anything decent by his words. Angry and embarrassed, she stared daggers at him. “You shameless man!”

Pretending to not know what she meant, Eugene replied, “What? I meant that I can protect you and love you. I will not be tempted by other women and I don’t need any temptation from you. If you say to walk straight ahead, I will never walk another direction! If you say that sugar is salty, I’ll never say that it’s sweet!” This man…

Angry, Olivia was about to hit him when Eugene grabbed her wrist and embraced her again. “Don’t be mad anymore, Olivia. I admit my wrongdoings, but if you want me to go back in time, I would choose to relive what happened seven years ago.”

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