Super Wife’s Three Babies chapter 591

Olivia looked at him. Is he really afraid that I’ll get angry? Blinking, she then asked, “No matter what the punishment is?” Eugene nodded woodenly. “Yes. Whatever you want, even if it’s to scold or hit me!”

Retracting her hands, Olivia coldly said, “Let’s break up then!” Horrified by her words, Eugene pulled her into his embrace straight away. “Anything but that.”

Staring at the panicking man in front of her, Olivia pursed her lips but she felt somewhat fuzzy inside. “I thought you said that anything goes?” Frowning, Eugene replied, “Except breaking up.”

Wanting to tease him, Olivia pretended to say angrily, “I can’t break up with you, and I can’t ignore you. Everything is decided by you already, so why do you even need a girlfriend? You can just live your own life and do whatever you want!”

“You can hit me or scold me but whatever you do, please don’t break up with me.” Observing her expression while talking, Eugene immediately continued upon seeing Olivia about to blow a gasket. “If you really want to, then you can just ignore me for a couple of days.”

Olivia, who upon seeing the pitiful looking man, held in her laughter and her smile. In the end, she commented, “Remember this-it was you who said to let me ignore you for a few days.”

Eugene nodded in determination. “As long as we don’t break up.” Staring at him, Olivia immediately ordered, “Then you can go away now.”

Obediently, Eugene stood up and looked at her with puppy eyes. “How many days are you planning to do this?” Still holding in her laughter, the woman announced bluntly, “Depends on my mood!”

Upon hearing that, Eugene only gulped and he kept quiet for a second before rebuking, “Didn’t you promise not to bring up us separating so whimsically? It’s only been a few days, and you’ve already mentioned this two times.”

Glancing at a sleeping North, Olivia angrily retorted in a low tone, fearing that the commotion might wake the child, “How can I not do that when you’ve treated me so badly?”

Hearing this, Eugene explained, “Olivia, it wasn’t that I did it intentionally. I wasn’t myself then and I didn’t even know what I had done.” Staring back at him, Olivia barked, “You don’t know what you’ve done? Doing a dine and dash now, are you? A*shole!”

Not knowing how to fully explain his circumstances, Eugene could only say, “I wasn’t thinking of shirking my responsibilities. I just went to the bathroom, and you were already gone when I came out. Sobering up, I didn’t think too much into it back then, as I figured that you were only a waitress at the club. It wasn’t until the next day when I found out you weren’t.” Frowning, Olivia asked, “And how did you find that out?”

Looking at her, Eugene whispered, “I saw… blood on the bed sheets. Regretting what I’ve done, I ordered my subordinates to check the surveillance, but all evidence had been deleted by then. I even investigated the list of entries at the club but to no avail. Trust me, I never thought of escaping my responsibilities!”

Blushing unknowingly at what he said, Olivia still sternly stated, “If you didn’t manage to find me seven years ago, how did you manage to do so after all these while? You’re a liar!” Upon hearing that, Eugene let out a small sigh and continued, “Olivia, it wasn’t me who found you after seven years either.

Although I remembered that night with you, the lights were off and I didn’t see your face clearly back then, let alone recognize who you were. The only reason why we can be together now is all thanks to our son.”

Upon hearing that, Olivia asked in a shocked tone, “You mean North?” Nodding, Eugene explained, “Yes. It was him who purposefully arranged for you to come work at the Nolan Group but due to a misunderstanding, I could not hire you successfully.

It was him who played cupid for us again and again. I didn’t even know what he was thinking back then. It was probably because I had passed the test set by him that he finally told me the truth.”

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