Super Wife’s Three Babies chapter 590

After that, Road Enterprises also announced that their president and Olivia were just friends, as they also warned that legal actions would be taken against slanderers.

Along then came Mccarthy Group’s announcement with similar content, stating that they were looking into those who posted this.

All of a sudden, the big companies in Summer City were all posting official statements, announcing that they would all be taking legal actions.

In just a blink of an eye, Twitter was bursting at the seams, with companies posting that they supported Olivia. Very heated discussions then took place and a lot of online comments surfaced.

‘Seems like this Olivia character has some serious influence, for all these big corporations to support her so openly!’ ‘I heard that some people have already received a lawyer’s letter ‘What? So, they were all serious then?”

‘Oh-we should be careful when commenting! This is my first time seeing so many companies speak up for a person! This is so awesome.

‘Even without all their support, nobody would dare to mess with just one company picked from this list. This should be good, as those slanderers are going to get their dues now!”

Excluding the companies, Kate, Nathan, Eric and Vivian also posted online, standing up for Olivia with their own influence and methods. Sean also intentionally replied to the post, which was about Olivia alienating him on set. and the incident where she treated Eric and not him.

He personally explained that he was just afraid of acupuncture, hence his admission to the hospital. It was by no means that Olivia refused to treat him, as he also pleaded with his fans to be more rational.

He even directly addressed the person who posted it and responded sternly, ‘I’m not sure why you would use this incident to attack Olivia, but what I am sure of is that you are slandering and attracting hate to me. So, I will tell my lawyer to make a legal case against you. Please be prepared to receive a lawyer’s letter.’

Even Director Norris stated, ‘Olivia is a very kind sa and positive person, and this was all just masterminded by someone to frame her. Please be more logical in this. For the things that you aren’t really sure about, do not just simply comment on it. Otherwise, there will be consequences!”

Suddenly, the posts and comments supporting Olivia had soared above the ones which were badmouthing her. She even saw quite a number of people speaking up for her using facts, and she figured that they were probably her acquaintances.

Moved, Olivia knew now that hard work actually paid off, seeing how excellent her connections were! Right then, she wasn’t afraid anymore.

Then, a sound came from the door, as she saw the door knob being turned before the door opened. Following that, a tall man then entered, which unsurprisingly, turned out to be Eugene.

Still feeling somewhat awkward, Olivia turned her head around, ignoring him. Embarrassed as the woman was ignoring him, Eugene looked at North, who was fast asleep, and walked toward her.


He had a defeated tone in his voice. To this, Olivia only snorted while sitting on the sofa without opening her eyes nor lifting her head up. Squatting down, Eugene took her hand and looked at her, saying coaxingly, “Please stop being mad at me. Or do you want to hit me?”

Saying that, he then grabbed her hand, wanting her to slap him. Retracting her hand, Olivia only stared at him. “Stay away from me. I don’t want anything to do with you.”

Feeling desperate, Eugene grabbed her hands again. “I won’t! I’m sorry, Olivia. I knew that I hurt you, and that you’ve lived in pain and suffering these seven years by my doing. I never had the guts to tell you the truth because I was afraid you might get angry. You can do whatever you want to me, but please don’t ignore me.”

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