Super Wife’s Three Babies chapter 589

Just as they were about to leave, Olivia called out to them, “Oh. Kate, could you go to the level below my house, which is the 58th floor, and find a Jewel Fenton? She’s a friend whom I made in Mastar.

We came back together but since North fell sick, I rushed out without even having the chance to tell her. After that, I only called her once, so I imagine that she must be quite worried. Please relay our current situation to her to calm her down.” Then, Kate asked, “Jewel Fenton, you say?”

Olivia answered, “Yup. She was the one who helped me when I was robbed back then.. Seeing how she didn’t have a place to stay, Eugene then arranged for her to live a floor below mine.”

Understanding dawned on Kate as she said, “Alright, I understand.” They left after that, and the ward quietened right down. Looking at his mother, North asked, ‘Mommy, are you breaking up with Uncle Eugene?”

Olivia countered, ‘Do you hope that we will break up?” He only shook his head carefully after observing her expression as he didn’t understand what she meant.

His actions made Olivia laugh out loud while saying, ‘I’ll listen to you, then.”

While she said that, Olivia was closely observing her son’s face. After a close look, she’ noticed that North did, in fact, resemble Eugene a bit. His nose and eyes looked a lot like the man’s. It was only that she did not notice this earlier as she did not think about things that way.

Feeling creeped out by her stare, North asked, “What’s wrong, Mommy?” She simply replied, “Nothing. It’s just that I find my son becoming ever more handsome.”

Smiling, North said, “It’s all because of my mommy!” Touching his nose, Olivia asked, “You and your glib tongue. Are you tired? You should sleep for a while since you’ve been reading for so long.”

Nodding obediently, he would do anything as long as his mother did not want to break up with his father.

In reality, the child was tired, but he did not dare to sleep as he kept thinking about the troubles between his parents. Now that he saw how happy Olivia was, he could finally sleep in peace.

It wasn’t even ten minutes later that a snoring noise was already coming from North, and Olivia covered him with a blanket. Finally, she mustered her courage to surf the Internet.

Thanks to Kate’s ‘brainwashing, Olivia, who thought that her days were over just this afternoon, actually thought that her friend’s words made sense.

Even though Olivia still felt wronged and still held some grudge toward Eugene, she still had to admit that he would be a much more capable father to North than anybody else.

Maybe it was because of a change of heart, she was still relatively calm even after looking at those insulting comments about her. They’re all just clowns parading around.

As the comments on the article piled up, the supporting comments started to show up more and more. That being said, Olivia was unsure if this was because of people who actually knew about the truth commenting, or that the announcement made by Eugene is finally working.

After looking through quite a lot of articles, she discovered that someone had actually linked Marcus and Alex to her, which made her speechless.

The most infuriating matter was that some were starting baseless rumors by using this incident as a base. For example, they were saying that Olivia robbed Summer of her chances, and that Olivia snatched the magazine cover photoshoot from her.

Some even said that Olivia chose to save Eric, and not Landon, on purpose. All in all, they were pinning everything on her, whether it concerned her or not.

Judging from these articles, Olivia would be quite surprised if Summer was not the mastermind. Is she thinking that I’m about to fall from grace, so she’s just smearing my reputation as she pleases?

Of course, besides these negative comments, there were still a lot of people who supported Olivia. The first piece of positive news came from Metrostar Entertainment.

This is Marcus Cohen from Metrostar Entertainment, who is also Olivia Maxwell’s cousin. I found out that a lot of people online are setting me and her up for baseless nonsense. I just want to ask a question in return-are you guys brainless? I understand that scandals befall famous people and that a lot of bitter people like to twist facts and the truth to their whims. However, do be a bit more sensible when you are releasing your anger. Know that cyberviolence is punishable by law, and that I’ve already ordered the legal team of my company to take action against those whol seek to slander my cousin.’

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