Super Wife’s Three Babies chapter 588

Seeing how exaggerated Kate was made Olivia laugh. It was only a short laugh before she followed up with a sigh. “I still don’t know if he likes me only because of the child. It could also be that he only wants to build a rapport with North, and that he doesn’t like me one bit!”

Laughing at her words, Kate muttered in resignation, “People who are in love really do turn stupid. If Eugene did not like you at all, he wouldn’t have revealed the truth. Think about what he has done for you. Even his gaze for you is full of love. Don’t you feel bad, saying that he doesn’t like you?”

Frowning, Olivia asked, “Are you sure?” “Am I sure?” Staring at the other woman, Kate argued, “Just think about it-if it were someone throwing a tantrum and ordering Eugene to leave, do you think he would just do as told?”

Licking her lips, Olivia thought that it would be more likely that person would get thrown out by him! It was said that the most stubborn of people often understood everything once they got enlightened. Is this saying referring to me right now?

Suddenly, Olivia became quite elated upon feeling that Kate made sense, seeing as except for herself, nobody would dare to order Eugene to get out!

On top of that, it would be quite unfair of her to just forget all the things he did for her just because of this one screw up. Noticing her slow smile, Kate asked, “So, do you still want that break up?”

Olivia responded by staring at her friend shyly. “What are you doing?” To this, Kate only said, “I want to shout out on behalf of President Nolan and see who would like to sleep with him for a night!”

“Oh-shut up!”

“Hey, you’re the ungrateful one here!” Feeling speechless, Olivia then went back with Kate. Upon entering the ward, they saw the adult and the child in heated discussion. Curious, Olivia asked, “What are you two doing?”

Nathan and North looked at them at the same time. Seeing Olivia looking much happier, North silently looked at Kate for an answer. Winking secretly, Kate then made an ‘okay’ gesture to him.

This made North very happy, as he excitedly said, “Mommy, come quickly and look at this robot. It would be so good if we had one in our house to help out with the chores. How about me and Nate help you design one?”

After Kate managed to persuade Olivia, the latter was in a really good mood, and she walked over after hearing his words. “Let me take a look.”

Pointing to the book, North said, “Look, it can do anything. Robots will be the next trend for development.” Nodding, Olivia replied, “It does look quite promising.”

On the other hand, Nathan was staring at Kate and he had heartbreak, greed, and most of all, regret and self blame in his eyes. However, Kate purposefully avoided his gaze, worried that she would change her mind. “Olivia, how about you go back and rest up tonight? I can take care of North in your stead!”

Olivia only replied, “There’s no need for that. North doesn’t require medicine at night. I can also sleep here; it’s just that I don’t have a change of clothes. How about you help me. grab some clothes if you’re free?”

To this, Kate said, “No problem.”

Looking at Nathan, Olivia then followed up, “You two can go together.” Kate frowned upon hearing this. What is wrong with Olivia? She knows that I don’t want to be with him, so why is she purposefully making us go together?

“I’m fine by myself.” Olivia then rebuked, “The Nolan Family is a bit on edge right now. I’m worried that they might interrogate you, so you guys should go together. This way, I can breathe easier.”

Upon hearing this, Kate did not say anything in return. It was Nathan who looked at Olivia gratefully.

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