Super Wife’s Three Babies chapter 587

Before Kate could even finish, she had to quickly comfort Olivia again upon seeing that the latter was about to say something. ‘I know how you feel right now,” Kate murmured. “I know it’s hard to accept the huge divide within you right now. You think that Eugene wanted to be with you in the first place, because he liked you and didn’t even mind that you have a child already, correct?

So, his passionate feelings touched you, making you fall in love and sometimes even accept his outlandish behaviors. But now that you know the truth, you think that Eugene only wants you because the kid is his and that you are the mother to his son. Now that all those heartwarming moments have all turned into ashes, you feel like a clown, as well as a feeling of being scammed. Am I right on the mark?”

Pursing her lips, Olivia stayed silent. She really does know me well. Kate continued, “But how do you know whether he first knew North was his, or that he liked you first? Have you also asked him why he still left after knowing that you weren’t a waitress?”

“I didn’t.” Olivia replied. “I was so mad that I did not listen to his excuse.”

“Just look at you! How could you get angry without knowing the specifics? From my view, this ending is the best possible one. Even though you have left your hometown for seven years, you have endured seven years of being insulted by everybody. Indeed, you were wronged, but this doesn’t mean that you didn’t profit at all.”

Angered, Olivia shouted, “What profit did I get? All I got was the humiliation from being targeted by the whole of the Internet. The reason I am in the state I am in now is all because of him!”

Frustrated too, Kate rebuked, “But you still have, North!”

This left Olivia speechless. “You still have such an intelligent son. If I were to give birth to such a bright boy, I would also be willing to leave my hometown for seven years. Besides, you can’t just blame it all on the man, as it was your decision to keep the child. If you didn’t insist upon it, you wouldn’t have to leave either.

The one who framed you was Anna, so you should settle the score with her. It was Eugene who cured you when you were drugged, after all. If it weren’t for you meeting each other by fate, then Anna would’ve arranged a boyfriend for you. Have you thought about what would happen to you then? Would you still have such an intelligent son?” Hearing this, Olivia pouted and muttered, ‘So, according to you, I even have to thank him?”

Smiling, Kate replied, ‘I’m not implying that, but you still have to be more fair about this. In reality, if you went out and shouted to the world, asking who would like to sleep with Eugene, I don’t think that there’s a woman out there that would refuse. Only you, who slept with the man everybody wants the most, still has a face full of disdain for him. Now, you even want to break up with him. How hypocritical!”

Staring at her friend angrily, Olivia said, “I say, are you actually in cahoots with him?”

Laughing at her words, Kate commented, “Although I’m on your side, I still feel the need to speak up for Eugene. The reason you can have a hissy fit right now is because he loves you so much that he can overlook that!”

This made Olivia frown. Am I throwing a temper tantrum? “Then why didn’t he come clean earlier?” Olivia muttered in a weak tone.

To this, Kate explained, “If one looked at your current state, would they dare to tell you the truth? Do you think he’s oblivious to what happened to you during these seven years? It’s because he cares so much that he did not dare to say it. What if you became upset and wanted to break up with him over this like today? He only came clean because he saw you bump into those beggars. Unable to withstand his heart ache, he then finally told you the truth.”

Drawing in a deep breath, Olivia pouted. “But this really frustrates me to no end!” At that, Kate comforted, ‘Alright, alright. Simmer down now. As long as he didn’t violate your principles, I think that he deserves another chance. I was honestly worried for you in the beginning. Although Eugene treats North quite well, wouldn’t you two conceive another child if you got married?

You will, won’t you? When that time comes, Eugene will of course have a bias between his foster and biological son, and you will also suffer, seeing him neglect your own son. But isn’t that problem solved now? North is Eugene’s own flesh and blood, so even if the man has a bias, you wouldn’t dwell on it too much.

On top of that, both of you like each other. This ending is almost perfect. The only problem is you throwing a hissy and wanting to break up. How immature can you be? Do you know how desirable Eugene is? Once you let go. of him, you can be sure that you won’t get him back.”

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