Super Wife’s Three Babies chapter 586

At that, Nathan wondered, Do they really not want North to overhear them, or is it because of me? What kind of information do they have in order for them to be so secretive about it?

Don’t tell me that Olivia told Kate what I said to her yesterday?

On the other end, Kate dragged Olivia all the way to a secluded corner before stopping while looking sternly at her. ‘Spill-what happened?”

Avoiding her gaze, Olivia did not answer her directly. “What do you mean, what happened?”

Getting straight into the topic, Kate questioned, “You’re going to break up with him just because he failed to take care of the boy?” “What? Is that not allowed?”

“When did you become so ungrateful?”

“I’ve always been like this.” Staring daggers at her, Kate demanded, “Spit it out!” Getting frustrated too, Olivia replied, “Just stop asking about this.”

Not in a rush to know, Kate started to question her friend through another way. “Then you should know how much North likes Eugene, right? Otherwise, the little guy wouldn’t have brought this up as soon as I arrived. Since the boy likes him so much, just forgive Eugene if he didn’t violate your principles. Do you have to go so far as to break up with him? Isn’t he already treating you kindly enough?”

Lowering her head, Olivia hesitated for a long while before saying, “Eugene is the man from seven years ago.” Stunned, Kate gasped, “What? Eugene? B-But… didn’t Anna say…”

To this, Olivia only replied, ‘I also don’t know about what happened but Eugene told me yesterday that it was him, and that he actually went behind my back and did a paternity test with North!” Remembering this incident only served to make Olivia madder.

After absorbing the information, Kate exclaimed, “Isn’t this a good thing, though? Why are you breaking up with him?”

Staring back, Olivia retorted, “Howis this a good thing? Enlighten me! Back then, he forced himself on me even when I struggled so badly and after that, he just left without so much as a word! It was not consensual! Now, he’s saying that he wants to be with me because he likes me, but God knows what ulterior motives he’s after.

He might even want the boy. The reason I’m in this sad state is all thanks to him. Because of him, I had a seven year long nightmare, and even now I’m being insulted by other people because of this incident! As for him, he’s sure is living the high life, having not lost much. And now he wants to have a wife and child all of a sudden? What gives him the right to do so?”

Frowning, Kate asked, “Wait! If the both of you were together, how did you not know what the other looked like? How is that possible?” Olivia replied, “He said that he was drugged back then and was in a state of confusion!”

After understanding the whole situation, Kate sighed in relief. “If it’s that, then it’s still forgivable. You should know that logic and reason goes out the window when one is drugged. Didn’t you also come to an agreement. in the end? What is there to be mad about?”

“What I’m angry about is how he treated me. Just leaving like that after it was done. Even when he saw me after, he still wanted to argue with me. It was only when he knew that North was his did he completely change his tune and began to court me. Does he really want to be with me or does he just want his son back? He knew about the truth, yet he didn’t tell me until now. The newspapers are still writing tabloids about me, you know. With the child being sick, I can’t even leave this place even if I wanted to.

He chose to tell me the truth now because he knew that I couldn’t leave him or the city. If this is not a ploy, then what is?” Feeling more and more wronged, Olivia thought that this would be a sweet romance but in the end, it was all actually a devious plot.

Hugging her, Kate murmured comfortingly, “It’s alright now. You don’t have to feel this way. Do you know that you really look like a child that’s throwing a temper tantrum? Even after you said this much, I don’t think that it’s that severe. It’s not as if Eugene had gone and liked someone else, betraying you in the process. This is just a small problem.”

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