Super Wife’s Three Babies chapter 585

Her words shocked North. After so much work to get them to be together, they are going to break up again? “Why are you breaking up with him? Is it because Uncle Eugene did not take good care of me?”

“Is this not enough of a reason?” North replied, “I already said that Uncle Eugene, did not do it on purpose, as Anna came so suddenly. Even you would have a hard time recognizing her. Recently, he has been taking good care of me by accompanying me to sleep, chatting and even telling me a lot of stories. Mommy, please forgive him this one time!”

To this, Olivia only thought that Eugene was more like North’s biological father, seeing how her child kept speaking up for him. Then, she pouted. Stop thinking about it. You’ll only get madder in the end.

Right then, someone knocked on the door. Looking over, Olivia saw that it was Kate who came, and the former exclaimed, “Didn’t I tell you not to come? Why are you here?”

Smiling, Kate replied, “It’s just for a look. I was worried about you guys!” Noticing that she was carrying various bags of stuff, Olivia asked, “What are all these?”

Setting them down, Kate answered, “I bought some snacks and books for the little guy. He must be so bored, with electronics not allowed in here and all.”

Laughing, Olivia said, “I just told North that I was going to buy some books for him, and here you are.” “Wow! It’s almost like we share the same thoughts!”

While saying that, Kate handed over a book to North. “I bought you something on Al.” Taking it, North replied, “Thanks, Godmother!”

Patting his head, Kate said, “You don’t have to be so courteous,” After that, she then looked around the ward before asking in confusion, “Where’s President Nolan?”

Not wanting to talk about the man, Olivia simply replied, “He’s out.”

Frowning, North said, “Godmother, Mommy was angry at Uncle Eugene and chased him out just now. She even said that she wants to break up with him!” Staring at the little brat, Olivia was amazed at him saying just about anything.

Frowning, North was left with no choice, as he felt that it wasn’t just because of this incident

that she wanted to end the relationship. He knew that his mother was a sensible woman, so why would she break up with his father due to a lack of care?

Knowing there was something going, but since Olivia wouldn’t tell him, North could only let Kate persuade her. Surprised, Kate asked, “Are you really going to break up with Eugene?”

Olivia only replied stoutly with a grunt. Kate then probed “But why?”

Not knowing how to explain this in front of her son, Olivia chose to not say anything. It was instead North who explained, “Mommy said that it was because Uncle Eugene didn’t take good care of me!”

Relieved, Kate said, “I think that you’re being a bit unreasonable. It’s not like he did on purpose. Are you really going to cut him loose just because of this one mistake?”

Staying silent, Olivia did not rebuke her friend. Obviously, it’s not because of this. Seeing how Olivia was on the verge of talking. Kate knew that this incident was not the catalyst for the break up with Eugene. I think she probably can’t say it in front of the child!

And so, Kate stopped questioning Olivia, as she knew that either Nathan or Brian would be sure to swing by later.

As expected, Nathan appeared after half an hour. Upon seeing Kate, the man felt his mood. lift and he intentionally smiled at her. “You’re here too, I see.”

Bluntly, she replied, “Stay here and keep the little fellow company. I have something to talk to Olivia with.” With that, Kate dragged Olivia outside.

Feeling his eyes twitch, Nathan looked North, who was on the bed. “What’s up with them?” Calmly flipping through a page, North slowly. said, “I think they just don’t want me hearing. certain things.”

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