Super Wife’s Three Babies chapter 584

Edward then looked at Olivia and said, “I hope you can try your best to cure him. Just tell me if you need anything.”

His words made Olivia feel quite relieved inside. At least this father of his still has some conscience left. The grief on his face doesn’t seem to be fake. “Don’t worry, Mr. Nolan.”

Nodding, she then motioned the Nolans to head to the exit. However, Lara did not leave and she only walked to Olivia’s side. “Tell me the truth, Olivia. Will Eugene really be alright?” she asked, to which Olivia replied, “Rest assured. He’ll be fine.”

Lara stared at Olivia’s face, hoping to glean some information from her expression. On the other hand, Olivia had a perfect poker face and Lara could not see anything.

In the end, the latter could only give up. “Alright. I trust you, Olivia. After all, you could also save Grandpa, who was very sick at that time. I believe that you can do it this time too. You must save and cure Eugene!” To this, Olivia said, “I will be sure to do so.”

It was then that Lara finally left longingly. After sending them off, Olivia went back to the ward, only to see that Eugene had already sat up while North had just opened his eyes.

At that moment, she thought that her acting was nothing compared to the father and son. Then, she suddenly frowned. Why did I say they are father and son? They’re not father and son.

“Olivia-” Just as Eugene spoke, Olivia had already rebuked him by saying, “Alright. Now, they all believe that you are on the verge of dying already, so just go do what you need to and stop lying there!” Hearing this, Eugene replied helplessly, “Olivia, are you still angry even after all this time? I said that I didn’t do it on purpose, as /-”

Frowning, Olivia muttered sternly, “Are you leaving or not? If not, then I’m going to leave.” Eugene, who would never let her leave, could only give in in the end. “Alright, alright. I’ll go now!”

Standing up, he couldn’t help but continue, “Olivia, if you are really angry, then you can just scold or even beat me up. Please don’t beat yourself up over it.”

Staring back, Olivia retorted, “The sight of you already makes me mad right now.” Pouting, Eugene replied, “I’m going, alright? I’m going.” After that, he left. Blinking perplexedly, North asked, “Mommy, did you fight with Uncle Eugene?”

However, Olivia only said, “We didn’t. You don’t have to worry about this. Is it very boring here? Do you want me to buy some books for you to read?”

With a worried expression, North only requested, “No need. Just tell me what happened between you and Uncle Eugene.” As it was not a topic suited for children, Olivia chose to lie. “It was because he didn’t take care of you properly.”

Realizing this, North started to explain frantically, “You can’t blame Uncle Eugene for that. He didn’t mean it either. Who could’ve guessed that Anna would go to the Nolan Group under a disguise? She did not look one bit like her old self. I didn’t even recognize her until I saw her scary gaze. I could only recognize her because of her eyes and since Uncle Eugene had never seen her before, of course he was not on guard against her.”

After hearing his long string of words, Olivia instantly knew that North just wanted her to not blame Eugene any longer. “You really do like Uncle Eugene, don’t you?”

Licking his lips, North asked curiously, “D-Don’t you as well, Mommy?” This made her fall silent. Of course she liked Eugene, but the things he did made her feel very sad as well. “What if I were to break up with Uncle Eugene?”

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