Super Wife’s Three Babies chapter 583

Olivia said, “Mrs. Roberts, I did it for Eugene too, since if something happens, neither me nor you can afford to take on this responsibility!”

Angered to the point of being stunned on the spot, Lara then looked to the crowd, saying, “So you don’t want me to see it after all.” Quickly mediating, Jade interrupted, ‘Aunt Lara, since Miss Maxwell says that’s it should be fine, then we can wait for a bit.”

Seeing her own daughter speak up, Richard also agreed in unison. ‘I agree, as we all know Doctor Maxwell’s skills.” Yet, Amos said, “The more she’s stopping us, the more suspicious I think she is.”

With that, he looked at Olivia. ‘Although you said that you’re Eugene’s girlfriend, he has. never formally introduced you to us. On top of that, even if you are his girlfriend, you’re not considered one of us before your marriage. So, I’m not really sure why you are blocking us so. insistently here.”

With a dark expression, Olivia said coldly, “I have never claimed that I was one of the Nolans. Besides being Eugene’s girlfriend, I am also a doctor. Even if we were strangers, I would still do my best for my patient out of professional courtesy. I hope that you all can understand this.”

Seeing the tension quickly rise, Lara suggested, “How about this-since we really might disturb him with so many people going in at once, we’ll let his father go in and take a look. I mean, you have to let us take a look for us to know he’s alright.”

After pondering for a bit, Olivia replied, “Fine, then. Mr. Nolan, please be as quiet as possible so as to not disturb him.”

Nodding, Edward then followed her into the ward, and he only saw Eugene with his eyes shut while wearing an oxygen mask. With an extremely pale face, the younger man really did look like a patient, as he was also administered IV drops.

Walking to Eugene’s bedside, Edward looked at him for a very long time with tightly clenched fists. It was only after a long while did he turn around to look at North, who was also unconscious.

Observing Edward, Olivia saw that it wasn’t pain in his eyes, rather confusion, as he had never thought that Eugene would be lying here. “Mr. Nolan, we’ll have to go out now to minimize the disturbance.”

She was afraid that Edward might see something off if he were to take a closer look. Being unexpectedly cooperative, Edward only. asked after exiting the ward, “What’s wrong with Eugene?”

Olivia replied, “It’s just an allergic reaction.” Then, Edward continued to question, “What kind of allergy could be that bad?” To this, she only said, “We are also checking up on this. But don’t worry Mr. Nolan, I will surely cure him!”

Stopping his questioning, Edward looked very soulless, as he never would have guessed that his strong and charismatic son would be lying quietly like this.

Edward always thought that he did not hold much feelings for him, as Edward did not spend most of their childhood with them. As they grew up, even though they would still greet each other, both knew that they were actually just a bit more closer than strangers.

He had never thought of Eugene as his son, because Edward treated him more like an enemy that he had to be wary of.

Maybe it was the blood running inside them or maybe it was due to his age, but seeing Eugene lie on the bed looking so fragile made Edward feel bad inside. Don’t tell me that a young healthy man like him will pass away just like that?

Staring at the soulless looking Edward, Lara was sure that Eugene was in a dire state, making her jump for joy inside. However, not daring to show this side of her, she pretended to ask in a worried tone, “How’s Eugene?”

“Doctor Maxwell said that he will be fine.”

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