Super Wife’s Three Babies chapter 582

Richard’s baritone voice came from the other end of the line. “Lara, I just saw the news. I was contemplating whether to visit Eugene in the hospital to see what’s up with him.”

Lara immediately responded, “I think you should, but our company secretary was in the hospital today and overheard that Eugene’s condition doesn’t seem great. He might not be able to live past the next two days.”

“Is it that serious? I should check up on him then,” replied Richard. Lara took the whole morning to call all four of the eldest sons in the Nolan Family and inform them about the news.

When two of Eugene’s uncles and an aunt went to see him later, he probably wouldn’t be able to put on a show for so many people anymore even if he did have a plan. In the afternoon, the four sons of the Nolan Family, as well as Lara and Jade, visited the hospital altogether.

Some of them were sincerely worried about Eugene, but some of them were just there to see whether he really did fall ill. Others, however, were there to persuade the rest to give up on him. No matter which group they belonged to, they all marched into the hospital together.

However, just as they were about to enter the ward, a security guard stopped them. Edward immediately roared, “What are you people doing? Don’t you know who I am? How dare you stop me?!”

“I’m sorry, Master Edward, but this is an order from President Nolan. Anyone besides Miss Maxwell and Mr. Mccarthy isn’t allowed to visit him.”

Edward scolded once again, “Cut the nonsense! I’m here to see my son. I don’t need your permission to enter. Now get out.”

While saying that, Edward tried to push the guard away, but the guard stood rooted to his spot.

The security guard stood in front of the entrance of the ward and lowered his head, thereafter apologizing, “I’m sorry, Master Edward. I cannot let you in.”

Edward was seething in anger right now. “What if something happens to my son?” he roared. “Will you take responsibility if I’m not able to see him for the last time?!”

The security guard remained silent and stood rooted on the ground, letting Edward throw punches and kicks at him.

Realizing that his strength alone wasn’t enough, Edward signaled for a few more of his brothers to help him. “Let’s do this together. What kind of trick is this brat playing? I just want to see my son! Why do I need permission from him? 1 highly doubt that you are the one trying to get my son killed!”

Just as he was done talking, the door to the ward opened. Olivia looked at the entourage and lowered her head slightly, inquiring, “Why are you here, Mr. Nolan?”

Seeing her, Edward controlled his emotions and responded, “Oh-you’re here too, Doctor Maxwell. I read online that Eugene fell ill, so I came to see him.”

Olivia nodded and replied, “Don’t worry, they’re just rumors from insignificant reporters. Eugene is fine. He’s just having an allergic reaction, so he shouldn’t be coming in contact with too many people. He’ll be alright in a few days. I’m going to have to ask you to leave now.”

Edward furrowed his brows as he exchanged glances with Lara. Lara signaled him with her eyes, hinting for him to go in and have a look.

Edward then uttered helplessly, “I understand, but look at all his uncles and aunts who came all the way to see him. I can’t just let them come for nothing! We’ll be quick and won’t disturb him!”

Hearing that, Olivia stopped him. “I am aware that you are all close relatives of Eugene, but I am also his girlfriend, so I understand how you feel. However, as a doctor, I would like to reassure you that he is totally fine. Please don’t come in if you want him to get well soon.”

“How can we rest assured if we don’t see him with our own eyes?” Lara questioned.

Olivia returned a smile, explaining, “What if his condition worsens after your visit? Wouldn’t that defeat the purpose? Please rest assured that I will relay your worries and concerns to him.”

Lara chuckled at her response. “Why are you so adamant that we shouldn’t see him, Doctor Maxwell?”

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