Super Wife’s Three Babies chapter 581


Olivia ignored Eugene’s calls and focused on feeding North instead. She acted as if she didn’t hear him.

North blinked his large, round eyes when he noticed the darkness looming between his mom and dad. He then threw a dubious glance at Eugene, as if asking the man what happened.

Seeing that, Eugene closed his eyes. He didn’t. know how to explain to his child anymore, so he decided to keep his mouth shut. In an instance, North furrowed his brows. What will Daddy do without me? Is he going to upset Mommy every single day?!

After a while, Eugene called out to her again. “Olivia, I’m hungry.” Olivia took a deep breath. She desperately wanted to throw the food at his face and question him, “Can’t you eat by yourself?!”

He was just pretending to be ill. He wasn’t actually ill. Was he expecting her to feed him. too?

However, when she came back to reality, she took a few deep breaths before sending the food to his bed.

Eugene was exhilarated all of a sudden. He reached out and tried to grab her, but with a swift turn, she managed to avoid his touch. As she left him with no choice, Eugene could only pout. His woman was definitely enraged. It had been a whole night, yet she was still angry and didn’t give him a chance to explain.

At the Roberts Residence, the woman who was sent to the hospital for investigation was currently reporting to Lara.

“Miss Lara, it’s true. I saw Eugene and North lying in bed and they were connected to respirators. Brian was taking care of Eugene, while Olivia’s eyes were swollen from crying.”

Furrowing her brows slightly, Lara questioned, “Really? They didn’t suspect you, right?”

“No. I told them I was looking for someone,” replied the woman. After hearing that, Lara knitted her brows even more without uttering a word. “What’s wrong, Miss Lara?” asked the woman.

“It’s nothing. I just think the mission went too smoothly. Did you manage to see them immediately when you arrived? Lara asked. The woman then replied, “Of course not.

Initially, I just wanted to check on them through the glass window, but Olivia suddenly came out from the ward. She asked who I was, but I told her I was looking for someone that I just made up. I think it reduced her suspicion toward me. I also assume that when she saw me peeking into the ward, she purposely shut the door so that I couldn’t see what was inside.

After that, I went to the doctor’s office to enquire, but they said they couldn’t disclose their patients’ information. Eventually, I paid him 1,000 in exchange for this information. Eugene and the child were poisoned so now, they can only leave things up to fate. If they don’t wake up after 72 hours, their lives might be at risk.”

Lara’s eyes brightened when she heard that. “Is that all real?”

The woman gloated, “Of course it’s real! I even took a picture of the diagnosis.”

After reading the doctor’s diagnosis, Lara suddenly felt elated. “You’ve done very well on this task, so I’m going to pay you double your salary this month. You may leave now.”

With that, Lara dismissed the woman. She then leaned back on the chair in a relaxed manner. A smug smile tugged at the corners of her lips while she twirled the pen in between. her fingers. She was already plotting her upcoming plans. Once Eugene was dead, the rest would be easy to handle.

Poor Eugene! I bet you never thought of this! So what if you’ve been practicing abstinence? Eventually, you’re being trampled under a woman! Lara snickered in her heart.

Another thing that she didn’t expect was that she had killed two birds with one stone. It didn’t matter whether that little brat of Olivia’s was Eugene’s son or not, as both of them were equally hateful. Since they were both going to die, Lara was just going to let them be. Her next step would be to purchase the entire Nolan Group under her.

After all these years of building connections, it was finally time to make use of it. Picking up her phone, she made a call to all of the elderly in the Nolan Family. “Hi Richard, have you seen the news?”

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