Super Wife’s Three Babies chapter 580

When Eugene heard Brian’s explanation, he thought it made sense, especially the last sentence. In that case, Olivia wouldn’t have any reason to kick him out, right?

When he glanced at Brian, Brian winked at him. Eugene couldn’t help but laugh at his antics. When Olivia returned, Eugene was already lying in bed, while Brian was sitting beside him.

She instantly knew that they were trying to put up an act in case Lara sent a representative to check on them. Therefore, she didn’t find that their actions were out of the blue.

After placing the food that she bought on the table, she unfolded the mini table on North’s bed without saying a word or sparing them a glance.

Because of that, Brian glared at Eugene. It was all because of the latter that Olivia was ignoring him too. ‘Olivia, are there any more pancakes?” Without looking at them, Olivia answered, “Yeah. I bought a lot.”

Brian raised his brows, asking, “What are you going to eat, Eugene? How does pancakes sound?”

Eugene felt delighted without reason. Though Olivia was upset at him and continued to ignore him, she still bought them food. Her actions proved that she still cared about him. Just then, his phone rang. He took a glance at it, quickly uttering, “Someone’s here.”

As expected, within a few minutes, someone showed up at the entrance of the ward. That person seemed to be peering into the room.

Olivia got up and headed toward the door. She deliberately acted as if she was casually opening the door before widening her eyes, asking, “Who are you looking for?”

The woman glanced in the room that was intentionally left open before uttering, “Oh-I’m here for Sean Hawkins.” Olivia replied, “There’s no one with that name in this ward.” With that, she went out of the ward and shut the door.

This time, the woman acted like she was doubtful. That’s weird. He told me he was on this floor! How come I didn’t see him? I’m sorry for disturbing you.”

“No worries,” Olivia replied with a poker face. After that, the woman left, and Olivia soon returned to the ward. “Do you guys think that woman will come back?” Brian inquired.

“She’s seen everything. What else would she come back for?” asked Olivia. After pondering for a moment, Eugene muttered, “We can’t be too sure. Lara is a paranoid person.”

Brian chimed in, “You should stay here, then. If she comes again, you’ll be prepared.” Olivia remained silent. Were the two brothers. trying to team up and bully her? At that moment, Brian commented, “I’ll be taking my leave now. Might have to trouble you to take

care of them both. I’ll come back in the afternoon,” Truth be told, Olivia didn’t want Eugene to stay here. Whenever she saw his face, she could feel anger boiling within her, but she couldn’t just kick him out of the ward. If the representative that Lara sent found out the truth, Eugene’s efforts would all go to waste.

Olivia was hopping mad. She was mad at, Eugene, but even more at herself. Why was she thinking about him at a time like this?

Shouldn’t she be taking her child away from him?

Afraid that Olivia would have second thoughts, Brian quickly stood up after saying his last sentence. ‘I’ll be leaving now, then. Call me if anything comes up.”

Before he left, Olivia reminded him, “Go back and take a good rest. Make sure not to do strenuous exercises, and drink some milk or anything to replenish your energy.” Brian smiled at her. “I’m fine. Don’t worry. I’ll be all good after a few days of rest.”

Olivia then urged, “Don’t take it lightly. You’re North’s life savior, so I hope you will always stay healthy. If you need my help in the future, just hit me up.”

Returning her a smile, Brian responded, “Don’t be a stranger. North is my nephew!” Upon hearing that, Olivia retorted, ‘No, he isn’t. He takes my last name!”

Brian chuckled awkwardly and glanced at Eugene before turning to leave. Eugene, on the other hand, was well aware that Olivia’s words were directed at him..

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