Super Wife’s Three Babies chapter 579

Eugene didn’t have feelings for her at all, otherwise, he wouldn’t have hidden the truth. from her for so long. “Isn’t it good news, Olivia? You’re both biological parents to North, so if you two get back together-”

Olivia was irritated by Brian’s words and interrupted, “Stop it.” Was it only now that Eugene was willing to admit that he was North’s biological father?

Back then when she woke up, she didn’t even see his shadow! Where did he go?

What a jerk! Not only did he force himself on her, he also didn’t plan to take responsibility. Now that he saw their child, he was putting on a show and pretended to have feelings for her! Looking at the resolute gaze in Olivia’s eyes, Brian shut his mouth..

He finally understood why Eugene dared not enter the ward although he wanted to. At the moment, the fierce look on Olivia’s face was terrifying.

It was only the next day Lara saw the news that Eugene was hospitalized. She was skeptical at first but it was like what Eugene assumed-she was leaning toward the side that it was the truth.

She was well aware of what she had done. Lara had requested Gerald to get the drug from Mastar. She spent a lot of effort trying to plot a seamless plan, so how could it not work out?

However, she did have her suspicions because it happened all too soon. To make sure, she showed her phone to Edward, asking, ‘Honey, look at this. Do you think it’s true?”

After taking the phone, Edward questioned in disbelief, “Is Eugene sick?” “Could it be fake?’ Lara questioned intentionally. In response, Edward muttered, “Why would he fake an illness? Shouldn’t he be solving his issue with Olivia?”

Lara nodded in agreement. “Exactly. After announcing that statement in the afternoon, how could he suddenly fall ill at night? Shall we ask someone to check on him in the hospital?”

“Sure,” Edward answered while nodding. After that, Lara deliberately sent an employee to the hospital. Little did she know that Eugene had already predicted that Lara would execute this plan. However, since he had a sleepless night before, he looked pale and haggard.

When Olivia went out to buy breakfast in the morning, she ignored Eugene when she saw him standing at the door.

Eugene took a lot of effort to control himself from stepping out of the ward to chase after her. It was obvious that she had cried herself to sleep last night.

Olivia was a strong person. Usually, she wouldn’t break down under any circumstances, but he made her cry last night. Watching her back fading from his line of sight, he felt his heart tighten.

Taking the opportunity that she had gone out, he glanced at North, who had just woken up, but he didn’t tell his son about their matter. He wanted to solve the problem by himself, and he wasn’t going to depend on his son for everything. “How are you feeling, little guy?”

“I feel so tired,” North mumbled. Ruffling his head, Eugene hummed in response. “You’re not fully healed yet. Once you’re fully healed, you still need to depend on your mom.”

“Could you ask someone to bring my laptop over?” North requested. “The doctor says you shouldn’t be using any electronic devices for the time being. Don’t worry, I’ll solve everything,” replied Eugene.

Hearing that, Brian silently glared at the man as he grumbled to himself, How are you going to solve it when you have just annoyed your girlfriend?!

There was no way he could solve it without North’s help. After pondering for a while, Brian uttered, “When I leave later, you can take my bed.” Eugene glanced at Brian before inquiring, “If they really came, doesn’t that mean North will be exposed?”

“If Lara sent a representative to check on you, they would surely not be able to upload anything on the Internet. At most, they will show it to the elderly. When they see North, they can just treat it as learning about the existence of their great-grandson!”

However, Eugene was still a little hesitant. Brian added, “It won’t look suspicious if you and North were poisoned and are staying in the same ward. They’d be more skeptical if they saw you staying in a ward all alone! Most importantly, isn’t it better for Olivia to take care of both of you? It’s easier for her to do that if you are in the same ward as North.”

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