Super Wife’s Three Babies chapter 578

“What’s wrong?” Brian was furious as he growled in a low tone, “How did you upset Olivia?” “How is she?” asked Eugene.

“How else could she be?! She’s crying in the washroom! What’s wrong with you? If you don’t like her, stop flirting with her! Do you know others will be heartbroken to see her like that?!” refuted Brian.

Hearing those words, Eugene was even more enraged. “Do you think I don’t feel bad for making her cry?” ‘Then why did you do it?” “I just explained to her what happened back then, and she started ignoring me after that!”

Brian was rendered speechless for a long time. He knew that sooner or later, Olivia would find out. Moreover, Brian and Eugene had matching blood types with North. He had always been worried that she would find out about the truth.

However, when North was pushed out of the operating room, she didn’t seem to be dubious, judging by her condition. So what on earth was. going on?

After a while, Brian spoke. ‘Did she find out herself? Or did you tell her?” “I told her,” answered Eugene, to which Brian then complained, “Why did you tell her?” “She’ll find out sooner or later.”

“Then let her find out as late as possible!”

“Didn’t you see how bad the comments were under the posts? I can’t imagine how heartbroken she would feel after seeing them. I’m the cause of her misery today, so I rather let her scold me than blame everything on herself and live with regrets. She and her child don’t deserve all these.”

“But she’s not blaming you. She’s crying alone,” uttered Brian. Heaving a helpless sigh, Eugene pleaded, “Please help me persuade her.” “Why don’t you do it yourself?” Brian tossed the question back at him.

Sucking a deep breath of cigarette, Eugene replied, “She doesn’t want to see me.” Hearing that, Brian shook his head weakly, saying, “No matter how hard I try, it’s hard to persuade her heart.”

“Then please stay by her side and let me know if anything comes up, Eugene responded. Brian replied curtly in agreement and hung up the phone. Looking at the closed door of the bathroom, he silently wondered if that was what Olivia meant by the trust when she talked to Nathan this evening. When one put all their trust in someone but it turned out to be a plot, no one would possibly accept the fact, would they?

Squeak! The bathroom door was opened and out came Olivia. Though she had washed her face and tried her best to put on her usual expression, Brian could tell at a glance that she had cried. “Are you okay, Olivia?”

Forcing a smile, Olivia answered, “I’m fine. You should get some sleep. You need rest after taking blood.”

“I’m feeling okay. I heard from Eugene just now. He wanted to tell you about the matter sooner, but he was afraid that you’d get upset with him and he’ll ruin everything that you two have built over time. He was just scared. He didn’t want to deceive you on purpose.”

“Did you know about this too?” Olivia questioned as she knitted her brows together. Brian nodded. “Yeah. He told me a while ago. In fact, after your return, I’ve already heard about this. Eugene had been single for a long time and was looking for a woman, apparently. You were the one he was looking for.”

Olivia had calmed down now and when she thought about it, Eugene did tell her about it. When he was pursuing her, he kept telling her that he had always been looking for her.

However, she didn’t believe him. Who knew fate would be so cruel to put two of them together again after all the twists and turns in life? And they even turned into a couple?

Just as the thought of defending Eugene came into mind, another sound interrupted her train of thought. No! That’s not it! He planned everything out beforehand!

Ever since the beginning, he had never wanted to be in a relationship with her. He wanted nothing to do with her. He merely wanted to see North. He wanted their son!

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