Super Wife’s Three Babies chapter 577

Olivia suddenly felt so cold that her entire body became frozen, and she could no longer move her limbs. Noticing her rapidly souring expression, Eugene urgently called out to her, “Olivia… Olivia, you have to let me explain.”

But Olivia fell back in shock. She stood up and exclaimed, “I don’t want to hear what you have to say anymore. North is mine. Don’t you dare think of taking him away from me!”

However, Eugene did not want to let her leave. He pulled her into a tight hug as he hurriedly tried to reassure, “Of course not, I wouldn’t dream of taking North away from you. North is your child, and you brought him up so well. Whereas look at me, I only took care of him for a couple of days and already something bad happened to him.

Olivia, I know you’re furious right now but at the time, I was not in control of myself. I had no idea what I was doing, and when I went looking for you the next day, you were gone. Olivia, every single word I say right now is the truth. I have been looking for you all these years!”

Olivia’s eyes were filled with tears, but she refused to let them fall. When she looked at Eugene, her gaze was full of grievances. “If it hadn’t been for the fact that there was no one there when I woke up, then I wouldn’t have believed Anna’s words and thought that I slept with a homeless man.

Do you know what I was thinking when I ran into that group of homeless. men yesterday? I was filled with so much regret that I wanted to take my own life. If I hadn’t given in to that man, if I hadn’t trusted Anna and drank that glass of alcohol, if I hadn’t gone to meet Hugo, then I wouldn’t have ended up in such an awful predicament! My child would not be disrespected the way I am. But I never thought that it would be you. You are the culprit who caused all of this!”

Olivia shoved Eugene away in anger and she snarled at him, ‘Get away from me!” After saying that, she immediately headed toward North’s hospital room. Eugene was frozen for a moment before he hurried after her. He tried to stop her from leaving. “Olivia…”

But she yelled at him, “I don’t want to hear it!” With that, she walked off again. Hence, all Eugene could do was trail along behind her. Sensing that, Olivia snapped at him, ‘Stop. following me!” Eugene came to a halt, but he still called out to her, “Olivia…”

She did get mad after all. When Olivia returned to North’s room, she saw that the boy had fallen asleep.

On the other hand, Brian was still awake. He saw that she returned with a terrible expression on her face, so he asked curiously, “Did something happen?”

However, Olivia merely shrugged it off, saying, “Nothing.” If it weren’t for the fact that North was still sick, then she would have gotten as far away from Eugene as possible. Brian could tell that she was just brushing him off. “Where’s Eugene?”

This time, Olivia growled out her answer. “No idea.” Once he heard that, Brian furrowed his eyebrows and asked, “Did you guys have a fight?” However, Olivia answered shortly yet again, “No.”

However, her answer was unconvincing, and Brian remained full of his own suspicions, If they did not get into a fight, why would she be in such a foul mood? It was obvious that she was fuming.

Brian felt the need to help soothe things over, so he spoke up. “Eugene has a lousy temper, but his feelings for you are real. If he really did upset you in some way, don’t get too angry with him. Especially at a time like this, where if he gets distracted even for the briefest moment, then he could very well be swallowed up whole by all those predators in the Nolan Family who are eyeing his every move.”

Olivia did not respond this time, but she felt the urge to cry as tears began to well up in her eyes once more. She looked down and hurriedly attempted to wipe away her tears, but she could not do it in time and a crystal clear droplet fell onto her pale hand.

Brian had a fright and he immediately sat down on the bed. “Olivia, what’s the matter? Did Eugene hurt you?”

She shook her head in response. “It’s nothing. You should go to sleep.” After saying that, she immediately went into the washroom. By now, Brian was also starting to feel furious. Why did Eugene upset her at a time like this?

He picked up his cell phone and called his brother. “Where are you?”

Eugene had not gone anywhere. He was standing in the hospital corridor. As Olivia did not want to see him, he dared not go in to see her. Still, he had no intentions of leaving either. Instead, he stood there at the entrance in order to feel closer to her.

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