Super Wife’s Three Babies chapter 576

Olivia pursed her lips and did not respond. “Did you know that at the time, Grandpa kept giving me looks and hinting that I should win you over. Olivia, Grandpa added these terms for you.”

Olivia was puzzled by what Eugene just shared. She could not understand why such a decision had been made. ‘Why did Grandpa want you to get into a relationship with me? I only met him a few times back then, so it can’t be because I saved him? He’s even giving his grandson to me?”

Eugene kept his eyes on Olivia, but his emotions were in turmoil. He licked his lips as he felt a little fearful of what was about to happen. Even so, Eugene knew that no matter what happened, he still needed to say it. He could not bear to see Olivia suffering any longer. “Olivia, I have something to tell you.”

As he said that, he reached out to grasp her hand, as if he was afraid that she would leave. Olivia was even more puzzled now. She saw how serious he got, and she felt like her heart was in her mouth as she asked, “What is it?”

“Do you want to know why Grandpa is so fond of North? And why I insisted on going after you?’ Eugene asked. Olivia slowly nodded her head. “Okay, why?”

After taking a deep breath, Eugene carefully explained, “Olivia, when you hear what I’m about to say, please don’t be mad because I never intended to hurt you.” Olivia was even more anxious after hearing that, and she urged, “Come on, just hurry up and say it.”

Eugene did not even blink as he examined Olivia’s reaction and slowly recalled, “Actually, I don’t really remember it clearly. At the time, I drank a cup of wine that Nathan passed to me, but it had been drugged by someone, so I have no clear memory of what happened.

I just know that I felt very uncomfortable, and decided to get a room to take a shower and clear my head. But just as I was about to close the door, I saw a woman falling into my room. I thought she was one of the girls working at the nightclub, so I dragged her into the room…”

By now, Olivia’s face was as white as a sheet and her eyes were filled with apprehension. “When did this happen?” “Seven years ago, on September 22nd,” Eugene replied.

Olivia was startled and immediately withdrew her hand from his. For a moment, it felt like she had returned to that ill-fated night seven years ago. She could still remember how she struggled, fought back, and pleaded for him to stop, but the man still forced himself onto her.

By the end of it, she had accepted her fate. She concluded that since Hugo was willing to do such a thing to her, then she would repay in kind. An eye for an eye. It was very fair!

She did not expect that once she woke up, she would find that the man she had been with was gone. It was only then that Olivia started feeling scared, and she hurriedly left soon after.

She thought that it would only be a single unfortunate incident in her life, and she never expected that it would go on to affect the next seven years of her life.

After two months, she found out that she was pregnant. She was terrified, and she felt tormented for an entire week before she finally decided to keep the baby. However, Anna found out about it, which led to her father deciding that he did not even want this daughter of his anymore. Hence, he chased her out of the country.

Throughout all these years, she suffered all kinds of grievances and bitterness, and it was all caused by this man. Eugene Nolan was the culprit!

This was the reason why he was adamant about wooing her. This was why he was so fond of North. This was why he also had an Rh negative blood type.

When Olivia first heard about that, she had wondered why Eugene had the same blood type as North. It was as if they were father and son. But it turned out that they were indeed father and son!

Olivia’s lips quirked up into a melancholic smirk. She thought that she had finally met a man who truly loved her, but now she realized that it was only because he found his own son. It was because he wanted his son, so he had to accept his son’s mother. Otherwise, with her family background, she would not be able to become President Nolan’s wife.

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