Super Wife’s Three Babies chapter 575

Eugene’s icy voice rang out once again. “Have you read it clearly?” The journalists replied, “Yes, we have.”

But Eugene’s tone was still rather heated as he barked out, “And here I thought that you two were illiterate since you decided to sneak your way in here and cause trouble for my girlfriend!”

Both the journalists jumped in fright at his words. If Eugene held this against them, then they would be in serious trouble. “President Nolan, we apologize most sincerely. We just wanted the public to know the truth.”

Eugene was unmoved by their attempt to apologize and he rebuked, “And that’s why you’ve come all the way to the hospital to interrogate her?”

The two journalists quickly exchanged looks and said agreeably, “We’ll leave right this instant, President Nolan!” However, Eugene snorted and stopped them. “Leave? Did I say you could leave?”

This time, the journalists were stumped. What could he possibly mean? Was he going to detain them? After looking at their stupefied faces, Eugene slowly said, “I’ll give you a new headline to report. Come with me.”

As for Olivia, she had no idea what Eugene was up to either, but she followed along behind him regardless. Meanwhile, the two journalists stared at each other.

Neither one of them understood what just happened, but it did not seem like Eugene was getting back at them. Rather, it seemed like he wanted to give them something newsworthy. so naturally, they decided to go with him!

Late that night while everyone was fast asleep, a jaw-dropping headline blew up across all the news portals. ‘Eugene Nolan, President of Nolan Group, Admitted into Premier Hospital in Critical Condition.’

There were a few pictures attached underneath the headline. One of the pictures showed Eugene hooked up to a ventilator, and another showed North being pushed into a hospital room. The pictures also depicted the hospital entrance being surrounded by numerous bodyguards. Olivia, Brian, and Nathan were all seen at the hospital.

A brief statement of events followed the headline. However, the pictures were enough to fuel everyone’s suspicions that Eugene was in critical condition, and the description beneath was somewhat unnecessary.

In the meantime, Eugene had used a separate hospital room to take a few pictures. Once he was done, he wanted to discuss something with Olivia, so neither one of them went home. Olivia read the article that the two journalists reported and asked, “Do you think Lara will believe the reports?”

“She will!” Eugene replied. “If she hadn’t teamed up with Anna to create a scandal, then she would not have believed it. But since she did, then she will definitely believe these reports.”

Although Eugene sounded certain, Olivia was still a little worried. “If they really think that you’re critically ill, won’t they just select a new president and oust you from the position?”

Eugene nodded and added, “Of course. Lara has secretly been building up support for herself all these years. We’ve tussled a few times before. I was conscious of Grandpa and worried that I could not get rid of her completely, so I decided to leave her be and not deal with her just yet. But since she stooped this low, then I have no reason to hold back any longer. If I’m in the hospital, then Grandpa will still be safe. At the very least, if they want to get their hands on Grandpa’s stocks, they still need to pretend to be filial toward him.”

“Didn’t your grandfather transfer ownership of his stocks to you already?” “They don’t know that,” Eugene replied with a smirk. “But I’m surprised that you remembered.”

Olivia laughed and joked, “At the time, I was very worried that I would be silenced.” “What do you mean by silenced?” “I heard such an important secret, so would it be surprising if I was silenced?”

“What kind of nonsense is that? If Grandpa wanted to keep this from you, then he wouldn’t have done it in front of you. Do you still remember what Grandpa said at the time?” Eugene refuted Olivia and probed her with his own question.

Olivia responded, “Yes, your grandfather said that you need to get married and have children. before you could get your inheritance. Eugene, it seems like you still have your work cut out for you.”

‘Well, doesn’t that depend on you?” Eugene hinted. “What depends on me?” “It depends on when you decide to get married. to me.” Eugene looked straight at her before slowly adding, “I don’t plan on marrying anyone else in this lifetime!”

Olivia’s lips twitched. “Just for the sake of the inheritance?”

When Eugene heard her response, he stared at her with narrowed eyes. “Do you think that I’m a person who’d do such a thing?”

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