Super Wife’s Three Babies chapter 574

Once they were several hundred feet away, Olivia figured that they would no longer be a disturbance to the children in the hospital ward. She then came to a halt and stated, “Go ahead and ask whatever you want, then!”

And so, one of the journalists started asking. “It is rumored that there are a lot of homeless men who are committing public indecency with your magazine cover. Why are they doing that?”

“This is something you should be asking those homeless men, Olivia countered coldly. The journalist tried pressing further, saying, “Then what about the gossip online about you and those homeless men? Are what they’re saying true or false?”

Olivia simply questioned them back, “What are you referring to?” “The people who are saying that your child is a product of your relations with a homeless man,” the journalist replied.

“And what do you think? Someone has hired those homeless men to cause a scene so naturally, they need to come up with a story like that. As journalists, surely you have enough common sense to figure that out yourselves?” Olivia retorted..

But the journalists did not back down. ‘So who is the father of your child?” Olivia’s expression turned dark and she declared, ‘That is a private matter.”

Even so, the journalists continued badgering Olivia. “I know that you want to protect your child, but if you don’t show us any evidence, then everyone will assume that you had your child with a homeless man.”

By now, Olivia’s expression had turned ugly, and she tried her hardest to quell her anger. “Why must I prove this to anyone?” she retorted. “I just said that this is my private matter.”

Olivia had just finished speaking when another man’s voice rang out. “I am the child’s father.” She turned to look for the source of the voice and saw Eugene walking over.

Her brows furrowed a little, as she did not want to drag Eugene into this situation. If he got involved, then it would not just be him, but the entire Nolan Group that would be under public scrutiny.

The entire Nolan Group could be affected by Eugene’s actions today. Furthermore, there were people like Lara and Edward who were waiting to pounce on Eugene the moment he made the slightest mistake.

Olivia was very moved by Eugene standing up for her right now, but she did not feel that it was worth it. “Go back, Eugene. I can handle this myself.”

Eugene ignored her words. Instead, he walked up to her and held her by the shoulders before facing the journalists and asking, “How did you two get in?”

While the journalists were not afraid of Olivia, they were wary of Eugene. After all, Eugene Nolan was someone who could easily threaten their livelihoods. In fact, he could not only make them lose their jobs, he could easily shut down their entire media outlet too.

Their attitudes immediately took a 180-degree turn. The journalists no longer had the guts to sound so forceful in their demands for information.

“We just want to have a better overall understanding of the issue. This will also help Miss Maxwell clear things up.”  Eugene acknowledged their words and said, “Okay, ask away. Let me see how you’re going to clear things up!”

The journalists did not know how to react. Eugene looked like he was here to settle a score with them. It did not seem like he would be allowing them to ask any questions at all.

Seeing that they did not speak, Eugene questioned instead, “How did you know to find us here?” The two journalists glanced at one another. Why were they suddenly the ones who were being interviewed?

Nevertheless, they did not have the guts to defy Eugene, as he stood in front of them with an intimidating aura. Hence, they answered honestly, “We saw the chief editor of Bourgeoisie Life heading out to buy food, so we guessed that Miss Maxwell might be in here.”

Eugene had a domineering air as he asked, “Did you not see the press release on the Nolan Group’s website?”

The journalists were dazed for a moment before nodding and replying, “Yes, we did see it. The press release stated that you were not involved with Miss Maxwell in any way. Don’t worry, Mr. Nolan. We will not tell anyone else about this.”

If they had not seen that press release, then they would not have the guts to come here for an interview! However, Eugene’s expression darkened. “When was that press release announced? Go and take another look now!”

Again, the two journalists exchanged glances. This time, the male journalist reacted sooner and quickly took out his cell phone to check the Nolan Group’s official website. Sure enough, he saw the new press release that Eugene had just put up.

The last sentence in particular grabbed his attention. It read, ‘If anyone tries to create trouble for my girlfriend in any way, I will pursue the matter till the very end!’

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