Super Wife’s Three Babies chapter 573

Olivia laughed and said, “She is a very intelligent person who wouldn’t act brashly. Perhaps it is because this matter involves both you and me, and that’s why she couldn’t control her temper. Otherwise, her appearance would still fool us all.”

Nathan chuckled in agreement. “Yes, exactly. When you look at her, she appears to be a gentle and refined lady but in reality, she has a lively and approachable personality!”

Olivia had been eating throughout their conversation, but she now set her cutlery down and spoke more seriously. “Alright, enough of that. Now that you know what she thinks, then you should think about what you want to do. This is going to be more challenging than if you were just trying to win her back. You have to think it through carefully. If you don’t care about her all that much, then don’t disrupt her life any longer. If you ever hurt her again, then our friendship is over!”

Nathan nodded and reassured Olivia, saying, “Don’t worry, I won’t hurt her again. In that case, I’m going to head back now. I’ll drop by again tomorrow.”

Olivia acknowledged his words and got up to escort him out. While doing so, she once again reminded him, “Katie is ignoring you because she hasn’t figured out her own thoughts and feelings yet. This is also a test for you. You have to really think about whether you truly like her. Don’t feel like you have to be with her out of pity or consolation just because she likes you. That would be unfair to her, and your relationship won’t last!”

After listening to Olivia’s advice, Nathan nodded along and said, “I’ve spent countless nights mulling over this. I also thought that maybe I was just too astounded by the fact that she liked me, and felt like I owed it to her to be with her. But I started reflecting on my behavior as well.

I was so angry about seeing her with Jasper, and I was so afraid that she would bring Jasper along to our gathering that I brought Melanie with me in order to not feel awkward for coming alone. And after that, I gave her the cold shoulder and spoke harshly toward her because she started ignoring me.

I wanted to use Melanie in order to make Kate angry. If it weren’t for that, then Melanie and I would’ve broken up a long time ago. I think I might’ve started liking Kate before she even liked me, but I didn’t recognize my own feelings. Kate and I are too familiar with each other-so familiar. that no matter what she does, I never took it as a sign of her affections for me.”

After saying that, Nathan turned away from Olivia and rubbed at his moistened eyes before continuing. “It is only today that I found out about that boyfriend of hers.

The restaurant owner initially said that the guy was getting handsy with her, so she hit him to put a stop to it. However, this time he clarified that the guy was cheating on her and that’s why she hit him. I only found out about all of this today.”

Olivia could only sigh in response. “Alright, since you’ve found out now, it’s not too late. If you really like her, then you should start wooing her. If it’s between you and Jasper, then I would definitely be on your side.”

“Thank you, Olivia,” Nathan said. “I’ll go now.” And he took his leave. Right at this moment, there was a man nearby who seemed to be searching high and low for someone. Once he saw Olivia, who was standing at the hospital room entrance, he shouted out, “She’s over here!”

Olivia felt puzzled as she looked over in the man’s direction. What she saw was a man and woman heading her way, as they pulled out their press credentials and hung them over their necks.

She quickly surmised that they were probably afraid of being barred entry by security, so they specifically changed their clothes and hid their press credentials before sneaking their way in.

Once Olivia figured it out, she instinctively started moving away in order to avoid them. However, she thought about the child who was still lying on the hospital bed, and stopped to close the hospital room door before walking away.

The two journalists immediately caught up to her and called out, “Miss Maxwell, could we ask you a few questions?”

But Olivia did not pause in her tracks, and she did not even bother looking at the two journalists. She coldly replied, “Will you not ask me anything if I say no?”

The female journalist blocked her path before urging, “Miss Maxwell, we’re only asking for the sake of letting the public know the truth. It is better if you could talk to us.”

Olivia side-stepped the journalist and continued walking, but she conceded to their request. “We can talk over there. Don’t disturb the patients’ rest.”

This time, the two journalists were surprisingly cooperative.

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