Super Wife’s Three Babies chapter 572

Nathan nodded. “I know. I’m stupid to not. notice that she likes me.” “You better not say these words in front of Katie. If you mention to her again that she likes you, it’ll only upset her even more because she will blame herself for liking you. Do you know what it feels like to warn yourself not to like someone but in reality, you can’t help it?

That day, she told me that she never had any doubts about you back then even though you kept on changing your girlfriends. Now, though, she is suspicious of any girl around you. Nathan, do you know how precious a person’s trust is? You’ve destroyed 7 years of trust she had for you in one day.” He took a deep breath as he regretted what he did. He knew that he had made a mistake, but…

“There are no other girls around me at the moment. I’ve always been waiting for her.” When Eugene heard Olivia mentioning how precious a person’s trust was, he felt strangely guilty inside. I should find a chance to admit what happened 7 years ago even if she will be angry and ignore me.

In the meantime, North swallowed the food in his mouth and pouted. ‘Are you sure? Then who was that woman you were with that day? Godmother looked at her a few times.” Nathan was startled. “That counts too?”

“Isn’t she a woman?” North said. At that, Eugene chimed in, “Don’t you know what situation you are in at the moment?”

Looking at him, Olivia shrugged her shoulders as she put on a helpless expression. “Only you know what status she has inside your heart. No one else would know. You said that you don’t like Melanie and nothing happened between the two of you, but her shameless words made more of an impression than your pale explanation.”

Nathan sat there, feeling defeated. ‘There’s no way for me to clear my name now.”

“That’s why you should choose your girlfriend carefully. It’s fine for someone to keep on liking you but if you hurt her afterward, don’t you think. it’s a bit too forceful to ask that person to forgive and accept you again?”

“I didn’t know Melanie was that kind of a person.” Olivia sneered, “Of course you don’t know! You should know that the words she used behind your back are simply unpleasant to hear.

Since my son is here, I won’t repeat what she said, but you get what I mean. Katie heard how she and her friends insulted you, so she smashed a bottle of wine but then, Melanie asked two other men to come and beat her up.”

Listening to her, Nathan was suddenly worried. “What happened then? Was she hurt?” Seeing how anxious he was, Olivia felt somewhat comforted. ‘She was slapped but after that, I went over and slapped Melanie a few more times for you.”

Nathan breathed a sigh of relief while his body slowly sagged. His heart was aching but at the same time, he had an urge to cry. He thought that Kate had removed him from her heart, but it turned out that he still held an important position inside her heart.

“We can’t do anything about their insults anyway. What if she got herself hurt rushing into someone without thinking straight? The same thing happened today. She heard someone at the table next to us bad-mouthing you, so she went over and flipped their table straight after,” he said faintly. Listening to him, Olivia also furrowed her brows. “You two got into a fight just now?”

Nathan revealed a gentle smile. ‘There was no fight. She only gave that woman a slap and threatened her that she would call the police. She was so convincing that she scared the few women. In the end, under the crowd and restaurant owner’s persuasion, the few women apologized and the matter was settled.”

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