Super Wife’s Three Babies chapter 570

Brian remained quiet as he stared at North. “Are you really Wily Rabbit?” North shook his head. ‘No.”

Brian looked at him. “Tell me the truth.” Seeing that the other two were about to drive Brian insane, Olivia couldn’t help but answer, “Yes, North is Wily Rabbit, but you have to keep it a secret. He is still a kid, so I’m worried that someone may want to harm him!”

He replied to her in a daze. Even though he heard her words, his brain didn’t process them properly. Therefore, in the next 20 minutes, instead of lying on bed, Brian moved his infusion bottle toward North and dragged over a chair so that he could sit beside to stare at the kid. Looking at him, North felt speechless. “What are you doing?”

“I’m looking at you!” At the same time, both Eugene and Olivia were also speechless. When Kate and Nathan came back, they were greeted by the image of the three of them staring at North, who was lying in bed.

“What happened?” Kate was shocked as she thought that something happened to the child.

Quickly, she put down the lunch box and went over to him. Then, she saw him lying in bed with a big pair of blinking dark eyes while his face was full of resignation. “Godmother…”

At that, she quickly replied, “Hey, little fellow. Are you alright?”

“I’m fine.” “You’ve scared me. It’s great that you are alright now. Look what I’ve bought for you to eat.” She smiled.

Olivia looked at the duo and saw nothing from Kate’s expression. However, from Nathan’s look of frustration, she could tell that the two of them hadn’t talked it through.

Kate took out the things she had bought. “The food from this restaurant is quite delicious. We went there often in the past. You should try some.”

At the same time, Eugene also set up the table for the food. He, Olivia and North hadn’t eaten anything since lunch. Now, the time was a little after 9 PM, so they were all very hungry.

Olivia took out a bowl of soup and explained to North, “Let’s drink some soup first. It’s better for your body’s recovery.” “Do I really have to? Can’t I have some spicy langoustines?” North furrowed his brows. “Not now. When your body is well, I’ll take you to have those, okay?”

“Alright,” he replied reluctantly. Olivia smiled and ruffled his hair. ‘After you drink the soup, you should have some eggs and milk. In the meantime, Eugene helped Brian to sit down on his bed before setting up his meal in front of him. ‘Do I really have to feed you?”

Brian glanced at his brother. Is he actually treating me like his son? In the end, he picked up a spoon and began to eat. Eugene came and took over the bowl from Olivia’s hands. ‘I’ll feed him. You should go eat first.”

“I’m not hungry! You can eat first.” He pulled her close with one hand and pressed. a kiss on her forehead. ‘Here. You go and eat first. North still needs your care during the follow-up-treatment, so you can’t wear yourself out.”

Immediately, she blushed. Can’t he behave himself in front of so many people?

Kate secretly giggled and said, “Since North is awake, I have nothing to worry about. I need to leave now because I have a program to change. I’ll come see you tomorrow.”

“Alright. You should go on with your work. Since Eugene and I will be here, you don’t have to come here tomorrow,” Olivia replied with a red. face.

“It’s impossible for you two to look after him the whole day, so I’ll come over tomorrow. I’m leaving now.” “Nathan, you should go back too. Why don’t you send Kate back?” Olivia asked.

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